Wolmi Sea Train becomes one of Incheon’s top tourist attraction

Wolmi Sea Train becomes one of Incheon’s top tourist attraction

no tickets for a newly-opened monorail
the one mici trainer selling out every day with passengers eager to take the
train and visit tourist hotspots on one meadow island the island in incheon west
of Seoul has been named one of the top 100 must visit places in the country by
the Korea Tourism Organization our um Ji Young was there to give us a closer look
South Korea’s longest urban tourists monorail the omic train stops at a
number of popular attractions including theme parks and Street full of cafes and
seafood restaurants according to an official from the incheon transit
corporation roughly 1,400 people a day board the train on average as it carries
a maximum of 46 passengers per ride and only 4 or 5 trains operate every hour
the tickets tend to sell out quickly we open at 10 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. but
visitors come even before the service starts at around 9 and wait for 2 to 4
hours to ride the monorail the two-car monorail loops around four stations
including one me park entrance and culture street at a speed of 10
kilometers per hour this monorail service runs roughly six
kilometres from Incheon station to several places on Borneo Island during
their 35 minute journey around the circular route passengers can get a
great view of the coastal waters of Incheon as the race track is as high as
18 meters in places passengers can also enjoy the famous view of the Wow me to
Island including the silo wall painting which was the Guinness world record for
the largest outdoor mural in the world Isis I love wall paintings amusement
parks cruise ships and the beautiful glow of sunset over the sea it was a fun
ride passengers can also get off and reboard
the Train to move from one spot to another on one Widow Island I came all
the way from Quang Ninh city in congedo to visit in Tong it was a fun ride and I
took the train to Chinatown to have noodles with black soybean sauce and
enjoyed the tour at small town fairytale village the construction of the monorail
was mostly completed in 2009 but service only began in October of this year after
a number of safety issues were rectified Fangio Arirang news

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