What to Eat, See, and Do in Lisbon, Portugal — Travel, Eat, Repeat

– This is beautiful and brutal. We just landed in Lisbon
and I’m not gonna lie, we are super jet-lagged. It’s fine, it’s fine. I’d estimate we have about 10
hours before everyone crashes, so we’re gonna try to
see as much as we can and eat as much as we can
before the day is done. We landed– (beep) Travel with kids means
limited attention spans, quick pace, and lots of coffee, which we should just go do now. (soft music) Portugal is known for its pastries and one in particular is
called Pasteis De Nata. Correct me in the comments if I’m wrong, I’m gonna be butchering
a lot of these words. The most well known place to get that is the oldest factory that’s been making them, Pasteis de Belem. But we’re actually gonna go to, there it is, Man-tei-garia. Which is another pastry shop
and the eater guide for Lisbon said that it’s even better,
and you can skip the line. So I’m pretty excited to try it. (funky music) So cool, you can watch them
make it as you’re eating. And you’re just at a
little bar with espresso. And I’m gonna try this. Wow, wow, wow. Salty and sweet and delicious. – It’s delicious – [Iz] Really? – It’s amazing, oh my gosh. (funky music) – ‘Kay, those were incredible,
it’s pretty chaotic in there, so if you do have kids
you’re gonna squeeze in, but it’s worth it, they’re
very small so I wouldn’t count on them being, like, a full breakfast, it’s more of just, like,
a pre-breakfast snack, which is why we’re headed to breakfast. (smooth music) – [Iz] We’re in Barrio Alto, also known as the Bohemian district. I was told over and over to
head to a place called the Mill, a Portuguese and Australian
fusion restaurant known for its breakfast and coffee. (funky music) – We got huevos rancheros with chorizo, avocado toast with a piri piri
spice, and ricotta pancakes served with a side of
ricotta and berry compote. They’re like a hug from your
mom, my mom, not your mom, my mom, they’re like a hug from my mom. They’re just really good,
they’re just comforting, that’s all I’m trying to say. (funky music) We’re headed to get on the
tram, this city is, like, set on so many different
hills, it’s called the “City of Seven Hills” but
there’s, like, a gazillion, so the city relies heavily
on the use of trams, so we’re going to use
that to get to a bunch of the different top spots to see today. (smooth music) The trams are the way to go.
That’s crazy, it takes you by, like, all of the top spots in the city and you don’t have to walk as much, which I’m kinda good with. We’re about to hike up a
castle so we need sustenance, ’cause we ate, like, an hour
ago and that’s too long. We’re gonna go find some street food. Food markets are everywhere in Lisbon, we found some food stalls in
Largo do Corpo Santo square, which served traditional
Portuguese street food. – Okay kid. Henry has basically
devoured this meat plate, all on his own. You
lovin’ that meat, dude? – I’m going to eat that all gone. – Gonna eat it “all gone”. – Literally, everything
in this market has meat, the Portuguese love meat,
I’m not mad about it, I love meat. We had a bifana
sandwich, which is like a steak sandwich and then,
we had a big, like, platter of ham and cheese and bread
and all the good things in this world and think
we need to follow it up with some gelato. (funky music) Alright, Santini gelato, it’s
been around for 60 years, and some people say it’s
the best gelato in Portugal, or the world? It was really
good, but it’s not the best in the world. – [Johnny] Henry, that’s a very big bite. – Mmm, coconut ice cream, listen, I’m about ten times happier than
I was about five minutes ago. Jetlag, you’ve got nothing
on me when I’ve got gelato in my life. (baby talk) – [Iz] Yeah, you go eat your chocolate. – Eat the chocolate. – Let’s go see this castle. (funky music) So, apparently one of the
trams, its engine blew up and (laughs) all of the trams
are shut down for the night so, we’re gonna find another
way up to the castle, or a view-point, or, we’re
gonna get that sunset. You just, you just, you just wait. Google Maps says it’s
just point seven miles so how bad could it be? (mellow music) – [Johnny] Wait, Iz, what are you…? – I know, we just had ice
cream but they said it was the best in the world and so I just had to do the proper research. When
in Portugal, vanilla basil. Not, we’re all happy about it. Onward! – [Johnny] How’s that
point seven miles goin’? – Half a mile. – [Lady In Dress] And that
is just the beginning. (laughs) – This is beautiful and brutal. Johnny just showing off,
running up the hill. – Momentum. – Must be nice. (mellow music) Google Maps betrayed me. – [Johnny] No they didn’t,
they just told you exactly how far it is. – Okay, that is no joke.
If you’re gonna come here, it’s a hike but you can do it, we did it. Shouldn’t do it, you shouldn’t
do it with a stroller, just, I don’t know, catch
a taxi. Or take the tram, ’cause usually an engine doesn’t explode. The Castelo de Sao Jorge is
a Moorish castle on a hill that overlooks Lisbon. It
was built in the 11th century in a difficult to reach part
of town as we just experienced. (smooth music) Okay, I know it’s windy but I read so many conflicting reviews
about whether or not we should come to the
castle. It is a must. It’s nine euros, come at
sunset, it’s so beautiful, it’s so expansive, and the
view you get of the city is… unparalleled. ‘Kay, that was incredible,
we are all super hungry so we’re gonna go grab
some piri piri chicken, and eat it at a park. Just across town from the
castle, near Barrio Alto, is a tiny piri piri
chicken spot that locals just keep talking about. It
has no more than two tables so we’re going to grab
take-away and eat it at a mira-dor nearby. We
found the chicken place, you would not be able
to find it unless people were sitting out front and it’s just tiny with that little itty bitty sign. We’re waiting for our chicken to be made, they’re making it fresh, it
looks really really really good. – Last chicken in the entire place. – And we’re so excited to try to it! – Not the most efficient
operation and if the food isn’t amazing. – We will tell you, but
there were very nice. – [Henry] Ooh, please. – [Johnny] Ollie, you want chips? – Olives, rice. Piri piri chicken is
supposed to be super tender, a little spicy, ah! And very hot. That might be worth the wait.
I know it sounds cheesy, but it literally might be worth the wait. – Wow. That is some of the
best chicken I’ve ever had. Infuriatingly inefficient
operation, amazing chicken. Holy smokes. – [Iz] Would you go back? – (laughs) Yeah. – Make sure you get the
garlic rice, it’s delicious. The garlic olives and the
chicken, it is so tender, so good, so flavorful. If you do that,
you’ll be set. Lisbon has been a total dream, it is so colorful
and vibrant and friendly and beautiful and full of parks
and view-points and castles. All of the things that
make up a good trip. Tomorrow, we head out
and go to our next place. Make sure to tag along. (upbeat funky music)

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