What Are the Age Requirements for an IR2 Child Visa?

What Are the Age Requirements for an IR2 Child Visa?

Sam asks: “What are the age limits for an
IR2 Visa?” There’s no age limit to petition for a child. However, there are vastly different waiting
times. Basically, if the child is under 18, they’re
going to get here pretty quick, less than a year, maybe closer to nine months. However, if the child is an adult, then it
can vary. It can go 10 years or longer depending on
the country because there is a limit. This is a quota visa. There’s a quota set for each country around
the world and the countries that send a lot of immigrants here like Philippines and Mexico
have very long waiting list. The other caveat to know is that the government
does not consider a person a stepchild unless the marriage took place before the child was
18. You can’t petition a stepchild if the marriage
that created that stepchild happened after the child is 18. For example, you marry a lady and she has
a child who’s 20, you can’t petition that child because legally they’re not a stepchild
because the marriage took place after that child turned 18. So, the bottom line is there’s no age limit,
but the length of time can vary dramatically based on the situation and the country. If you are a U.S. citizen, you may file Form
I-130 for: A. Your unmarried children under 21 years
of age; B. Your unmarried sons or daughters 21 years of age or older; C. Your married
sons or daughters of any age; You may NOT file Form I-130 for a person stepchild,
if the marriage that created the relationship took place after the child turned 18 years
of age If you are a lawful permanent resident of
the United States, You may file Form I-130 for: A. Your unmarried child under 21 years
of age; and B. Your unmarried son or daughter 21 years of age or older.


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    December 5, 2018

    do u have a direct line or an email to contact u?

  • Jc Jay

    January 19, 2019

    How about my situation I was approved twice 1990 I was 11yrs old.. Then we repetition again on 1992 and we were pass the interview during that time I was 13yrs old. And i dont know whats going to our visa.Now I'm 39yrs old going 40. Should my IR-2VISA CATEGORY WILL RETAINED OR NOT? COZ MY FATHER WAS MY PETITIONER WAS PASS AWAY. AND MY MOTHER IS NOW IN THE USA AS A CITIZEN CAN I ASK YOU IF MY MOTHER REPLACED MY FATHER AS MY PETITIONER FOR THE SAME CATEGORY OR F-2B VISA CATEGORY?


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