WEEK 3 Eco-tourism clip 11 Pang Khon Village Part 1 Case Study Coffee Based Ecotourism

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Pang Khon community a community known for coffee We are in the valley. We live as an ethnic group. We have 3 ethnic groups here. The first ethnic group is Akha tribe. The full traditional dress is like this. But the applied dress will be only casual one which is okay. Then, this is Yao or Mien tribe. Next is Lahu tribe. Our community have 3 ethnic groups. We live like brotherhood or sisterhood. Very warm community Then, we are going to take a tour around our village In order to see the culture, the daily life of the villagers. Let’s go. This is coffee seed. The main occupation of the villagers here is to grow coffee. We also have seasonal fruit which is grown in the cool area as cold weather fruits such as Cherry, Chinese plum, …… Persimmon, macadamia This is the macadamia nut tree. It is called here “Maca”. It is a casual name. Maca I can’t reach it. Here it is. This is…. It is non-toxic fruit. We choose it from its color. If it is orange, it is sour and crispy. It tastes sour. If it is the black one, it is sweet. We have fruits for a whole year. The cold weather fruits here will be ready to eat as its types, respectively. This season is a cherry. If there is no cherry, the peach will be ready to eat. Cherry is run out, peach will be ready. Also, this time is the time for macadamia. Yo Kue. Yo Kue means delicious in Akha language. Yo Kue. Yes. Yo Kue means delicious. Is it delicious? Yes, of course. This is black coffee. Its inside is nutshells. And this is the black coffee with a green seed which is ready at the end of the season which we didn’t harvest them. It won’t be ready to eat fresh. We will make it as a black coffee to sell it for drink. All about coffee can be sold. We can earn from it but it is not that high. Last night, it was raining which we didn’t know before. They are all wet. Like this. We can take the nutshells out and We will get the seed that we can eat like this. Can we eat? Yes, it is. Can I eat uncooked one? It won’t be that hard to bite because of the rain last night. It is a little bit soft. If we eat the seed of coffee like this, it won’t be a caffeine substance that we can normally get. As long as it is not roasted, it won’t produce caffeine. Really? Yes. As long as it is not roasted, it won’t produce caffeine. If it is heated, it will have caffeine. Yes, of course. We will have caffeine. Will you try? Will you try to chew it? This the seed that will be roasted. Before we can drink it, It is roasted like this. It will be like this and it will be a seed ready like this. Then, we will verify it by taking out the poor quality one. Before we roasted to deliver to our customers, it is like this. And in this section, it is a needlework. Akha-patterned embroidering cloth. All of our bags or shirts we use, they are from our hands. It is a woman’s handcraft. A man’s handcraft is … Bamboo basket. It is Akha’s. Made from bamboo. In the past, we use this instead of a bag to keep the vegetable seeds when we plant vegetable in our farm. We will use this to keep our vegetable seeds. What do you call? Kha Shi Akha calls Kha Shi. After we finish taking a village tour, We will take everybody to see the lodging house of little Akha. Let’s go. Let’s go upstairs. Come on in. This is the guesthouse. A small house in the jungle. Our room will be like this. We will have a separated house to make it more private by zoning them. We separated all of them. Inside the room will be bed, A room for 2. If you come in as 3 people or as a family, we are okay, we have an extra bed for you. This is the toilet. We will separate the toilet and room as in the local style. This is the coffee tree. Coffee tree during this time… is in the process of pruning them. The young coffee leaf, like this, we will use it to cook as food. We will use coffee leaf like this to cook. Under the name of coffee Leaf or seed can be valuable. We can eat all parts. For the coffee flower, we use it to be a tea. After we sell coffee, We chap its nutshells to make it as Tea when it is dried. There are tea from coffee flower and from nutshells. We select only a single leaf like this to Cook. We select only the young one several leaves. If it is too small, we won’t take it. We select only this size. If it is not too young or too old, it will be a very good taste. It will be a little bit bitter when eating. If it is too young, it will be acidulous. It is not delicious.

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