We Haven’t Met Yet – How Soon Can I Get Started? (K1 Fiance Visa)

(upbeat music) – Going to see my girlfriend August 2019. How soon can I start my K1
process with your agency, how much is your service? Okay well you can start anytime. It can’t be filed with the government until you have physically been together. So when you say you’re going to see her, I’m gonna assume that you
mean for the first time, next August. So you know, you can start now but realistically things kind of change. Now if you’re a stable kind of person, you don’t move, you’ve had
the same job for years, yeah there’d be no harm in starting now because you would only
have to go back through it a year from now and freshen
up, make sure it’s okay. So absolutely you can
start now if you want. I mean, nothing says you can’t start entering information into our software and of course, if you
purchase the service, that would allow you
to ask those questions you might have along the way. But again, there’s no
practical way of getting around the physical meeting before
filing a K1 fiance Visa and so nothing will get sent to the USCIS until after you have met
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