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to Eagle visa and travel Vlogs Today our topic is B1 B2 visa frequently asked question and how we need to answer them and by which answers we can convince visa officer this session is very important for Visa approval documentation accumulate and Filling DS 160 form all works related to attending interview are all one aspect and facing Interview is is very important , Visa approvals depends on how we face and attend interview
interview at an a with a number Tim tuna we need to understand this, even if there are any mistakes in DS 160 form filling, if we attend interview and answer well in interview, our visa will be approved, so DS 160 form , Documentation are perfect yet if don’t answer questions properly our visa will be rejected so to understand the pattern, once you are facing interview interview will be for 1 min or 2 min, overall there will be 10 to 15 questions they will ask very important questions, in some people cases interview will be very depth sometimes there will be situation of asking 30 40 questions when ever we are preparing for Interview, we need to self assess and predict what kind of questions visa officer might ask and prepare for more questions, If less questions are asked its well and good, we should be prepared for more questions and ready to face interview which is important i am telling it again “1st attempt is the best attempt” in your 1st attempt itself take all required precautions for better success rate and we should not miss that opportunity, so what kind of questions they might ask and what is the meaning of that questions, what is visa officer thoughts on our application the way questions are asked and based on our answers what is visa officer understanding about our application, we will discuss it now First, the moment we are facing interview, after visa officer taking our passport officer will start asking questions, first question ” what is the purpose of your visit” why are you planning to visit America for this question, if you have relatives in USA for example if you have your children or your sister or Brother are staying in USA or Your friend is in USA at that time we need to answer it as, my son/daughter/sibling/Friend stays in USA, I would like to visit them and wish to see some tourist places around this the way to answer, First point is to tell about inviting person and telling officer that we will be meeting them spending time with them and definitely mention that you wish to visit tourist places also this category of visa itself is short term tourist purpose generally people use, as we are discussing about B2 category if we say that our intention is to only meet your relative is in USA if that is your only purpose, officer might say that your son or relatives can come to India and visit you! or might be the situation that they would have visited india recently, in that situation you have seen your child or relative recently question might raise of why visit usa only to see them again so definitely mention that your intention is to visit your relative, spend time with them and importantly don’t miss the point of your wish to visit tourist places in USA 2nd point, who is sponsoring your trip expenses, in this situation share whatever you have mentioned in the DS 160 application form, Ds 160 information and oral answers should be in sync, if you have mentions in DS 160 form as self sponsorship then orally in interview also mention that you are self sponsoring your trip expenses, if you have mentioned that you relatives or your son or daughter or brother or sister or friend is sponsoring which is filled in ds 160 form tell the same we can also answer it in dual way, our son or daughter or relative is willing to sponsor if required we are also having sufficient funds to self sponsor the trip we can tell in dual way in this way we can convey that we are financially strong to efford trip expenses we can project a point that we are not dependent on our relative for this trip 3rd question officer will ask for passport and valid visa copy of inviting person we should always carry inviting person visa copy keep visa copy of inviting person in priority document list, 99% officer will not ask for any other document only document they ask is to show inviting person valid visa copy valid visa copy will be different form each other, for some people who got their visa stamped recently they will have valid visa stamp, for Green card holders green card copy is available if they are American citizens , american citizen passport copy is available we can directly show it, if this is not the situation with your inviting person some persons visa would have expired and staying in extension visa petition for example for your inviting persons H1B would have extended, they will will get visa stamp when they come to India we see expired visa copy and they will have valid I-797 Petition copy that shows validity in this situation I-797 Petition copy is visa copy Keep this in mind after seeing this document next question, what is your inviting persons visa status? from this question officer will try to understand how good knowledge we have about inviting person where do they stay? what are they doing now in USA? in which visa status they are staying in USA? Its been how long you have seen them? inviting persons birthday, marriage day, if we are saying that we are very close to them saying that they are our children or Brother or sister we will be wishing them for their birthdays, marriage day or wish for anniversary day they ask this questions to understand your closeness and check bonding between you and the inviting person so when they ask what is inviting persons visa status mention H1B or F1 student visa or mention L1 if they are in L1visa whatever the visa status they are in like green card or American Citizen, mention it correctly next question where do they stay in USA? we need not tell full USA address, Once this question is asked In the invitation and sponsorship confirmation letter they gave us U can find address details of Inviting person, remember the city and state name specifically tell officer that they are residing at so and so city and state reason why this is so important is once we mention the address in DS 160 form, we need to first land at that specific state at the nearest airport in case after your visa is approved, If you have mentioned on state in DS 160 form if you land is other state in USA, question of why you landed in this state, when you have mentioned different state in DS 160 again if we hesitate in answering that question, we may face problem Next question : What do your inviting person do in USA what is their profession in USA and what is their annual income generally in our Indian tradition, we dont ask annual income of our son or relatives or brother sisters or friends but for visa process as officer will ask this questions its better to have knowledge of it and attend interview get this information from inviting person and attend interview One more question : When are you planning to visit USA? and how many days you are planning to stay in USA? for this questions also answer it in the way you filled in the DS 160 form, if you have filled some date in DS 160 form suppose you have mentioned as 1 or 2 month as stay period in DS 160 and in interview if you mention as 6 months immediately question raised why you said 1 or 2 months in form and now why u are changing it now even this is important point, so here we need to remember ,even you have filled DS 160 form by yourself or any other have filled it u have to verify all contents of DS 160 form before going to interview if you don’t have that information in hand, Answer you give in Interview and DS 160 form information will be mismatch , there will be more vscope for
your visa rejection that might be small question or small information this gives a meaning that you didn’t fill the DS 160 form, and someone has filled it on your behalf the indication that you even don’t know what information is available in the DS 160 form so when are you planning to travel and how many days you will be staying in USA tell the same information as per DS 160 form, Next what are the places you wanna visit in USA, in first question itself we have said that our intention is to visit inviting person and see some tourist places so officer will ask us, what are the places you wanna visit in USA keep this in mind, as per your stay period, if you say 1 month of stay period as per your DS 160 form, keep in mind the possibility of places any one can visit in 1 month period self assess it, if you say that you wanna visit New york ,Texas, and California in this visit All 3 places are at 3 corners of USA these 3 places are very far away from each other who can you visit them in a month period officer might think that your answer is not reliable mention nearby famous places which are around 4 hour journey you can tell 3 to 4 places and say that you will follow your inviting persons plan If you have booked hotel and planning to visit tourist places, mention your target of places you wish to visit in USA, along with your day to day itinerary can project your plan to visa officer One day this place, after 2 day this place and 3rd day this place, totally in 2 to 3 weeks time I plan to cover these places, convey it clearly to visa officer regarding inviting person related question there will be around 6 to 7 questions about inviting person other question they might ask about inviting person is, it’s been how long you have seen them like its been 6 months or 3 months or 1 year, reason why they ask this question is if recently the inviting person has visited india and returned if they are already in India and Inviting you, visa officer thinks that you have recently seen your inviting person in India why you planning to visit USA to meet them even though you have seen them recently or in situation of inviting you by staying in India itself tourism
and visiting tourism places is your intention the first question answer you gave will help for all this questions next questions will be about our background in India what is your career and your annual income and about your properties do you have any children in India and in them are there any one dependent on you or they got settled information will be taken by visa officer First question are about inviting person 2nd set of questions will be about your background in India question something in the low first
point of view me career end what is your profession where do you job generally people will have different different professions, as of now I am doing generalized discussion later I will do very specific profession related discussion will do other videos for all other professions specifically, to what those videos do subcribe even if you have any specific questions please feel free to put in comment I will provide better and convincing answer to you I will respond as soon as possible so let’s think that you are a govt employee and your children are in USA if we take this situation, as your are a govt employee, ur profession is clear you will write your department name, address, phone number date of joining and you can mention your designation your roles and responsibilities all this data of your profession will be clear, so while filling DS 160 form be careful and fill all information in Detail at the specific column of profession in this column mention what all you wanna tell about yourself to put this data you will find a box, visa officer will come to an opinion by seeing your DS 160 form later based on the questions and answers officer asks us rest of the decision will depends, so if DS 160 form is not filled properly you may face more questions from visa officer to know more about you generally visa officers will have less patience and he will in hurry to take other interviews who are waiting if he is less patience , risk of he stopping the interview will be there Put you Information as much as possible in DS 160 form as brief as possible is very safe when officer asks about a Government Job information what is your profession, your designation your roles and responsibilities in your company and what is your annual income, this question of annual income can be considered as deciding factor of your success or rejection of your visa if you say you income is per month 20000 or 30000 which is per annum in average 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs between or 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs is your income then it is considered as week profile by visa officer if your salary is less after mentioning you salary as it is in DS 160 form in below column explain what other sources of income you have and investments you have and income you get from it if you have FDs and Savings from which you are getting interest mention it if you have house property from which you are getting any rental income, or if you have agriculture lands you and your spouse might be having agriculture lands and you might be getting additional income, project this information as combined annual income to project your strength in India Do you own a house will be a question mention that you own a house, even if property is not in your name and property is in your parents name also,indirectly you are a illegally heir for the property so you can tell that you own a house carry house related document proof for people with agriculture background, if this question raises what is your profession, mention agriculture here how many acres of land you own is one question from visa officer here in specific mention how many acres you own if you are head of the family and even if the properties are divided with in family also mention combined acres of land If you say I have only 1 acre or 2 acres of land immediately visa officer can assess
your income for 1 or 2 acre of land even though our inviting person is strong inviting person being our son daughter brother sister and even confirming sponsorship also, your personal strength in India is very important Based on your strength only your visa approval depends, we have to clearly assess our strengths we have to put all our strengths while filling DS 160 form and even orally in interview also we need to explain it clearly for the question, How many acres of land do you own, how many acres of land you own and how many acres of land you took as lease, combinedly you might be having good income you need to mention combined land our cultivate, for example if you say that you own 10 acres of land for 10 acres land you can easily mention that you own 5 to 6 lakhs of income you will have that scope when you say that you own 2 or 3 acres of land then you can only say that you get 2 ot 3 lakhs of income that shows our weakness in income in India if you are looked weak in India, officer might thing that u will misuse visa and you may may work in USA to earn money 99% of the time reasons for visa rejection is you not having enough strength and stability in India and not having strong holdig in India financial background, career background, family background, immovable asset background how clearly we give info of all this 4 backgrounds based on that visa will be approved easily for people in agriculture background, i will be explaining how to fill DS 160 in next video will specifically explain how to fill career column in DS 160, as it is bit confusing many people will put a short explanation at roles and responsibility column all profession people are just putting a short explanation like I am working as software engineer with so and so company agricultural background people just put that I have some acres of land and I work as a manager with so and so company and fail to explain it in brief at this column write in brief, DS 160 form purpose is to put of information and to understand about you here along with your designation, your roles and responsibilities how much team you lead, if you own a company what is your companies turnover and how many employees work for you your companies years and establishment it and what are your roles, if you are a partner as a partner what are your roles and responsibilities if you are a managing director, what are you roles in specific, if you are a employee of the company what are you roles and responsibilities in that company Next about some tricky questions a question like do you own car, if you say yes officer might ask model name and registration number just to understand your financial strength if you are having capability to maintain a car then it is sign of your financial strength even the question of “Do you own an house ” is also to understand your strengths in India next asked question to spouse who is a homemaker in general a important question “how many children you have, where are they now and what are they doing” even this question is a deciding factor for visa success lets assume one of your son is in USA and inviting you or your daughter in USA and she is dependant and son-in-law is inviting or else your brother and sister are inviting and your and your spouse only applying for visa you have to tell how many children you have and what are they doing in case your child is studying, they are considered as dependant and it means that you cannot stay in USA. that is considered as bonding towards India in case your child have completed education then the question ” is he married ” will raise, telling that your child is not married is again a strongest point, that shows your responsibility towards them doing their marriage is your responsibility as a parent it is understood that you cannot stay in usa for long period and definitely come back if both of your children are settled, then explain in detail about what are they doing explain in detail in which company they are working mention that they are well settled it projects that children are well settled and your specifically don’t have any burdens, whatever your profession is and whatever your income and saving information can be projected if you take this precautions in Interview process mostly your visas will be approved, let’s discuss very important and critical zones one again which are key for visa officers decisions First if you have immediate relatives like son daughter sister brother, we call them immediate relatives if they are in USA, we have to carry their proofs as success rate will be good if you have immediate relatives in USA If visa officer asks to show any proof of relationship and if we are able to show proof your visa might be rejected, there are many cases like this in case your daughter is dependant and your son-in-law is sponsoring you as only working people can invite when they invite carry your daughter passport front and back page along with current visa copy, on your daughter’s passport backside you can see your names it is a proof that your are mother and father you carry both your daughters and son-in-laws passport and visa copy, in other case if your sister is in USA and your brother-in-law inviting you, I am just taking it as example generally in our Indian traditions, after marriage your sisters surname changes so while filling DS 160 form we need to fill form as per passport in this situation what is the proof that she is your own sister by carrying your passport and copy of your sister passport parents names in your sister’s passport and parents names in your passport will be same this is one important point to remember and note in other case you will have your nephew in USA and Inviting we might be visiting USA to attend their marriage or any function as a maternal uncle your roles is important as per our Indian traditions many people will apply for such purpose, and they are considered as other relative maternal uncle or maternal aunt are considered as other relatives even nephew, niece are considered as other relative In this situation when you say that you are maternal uncle visa officer might ask for proof of relation in this situation proof can be projected in this may, if your nephew is in USA and you are planning to visit USA you can carry your nephew passport biodata pages and visa copy along with them do carry your sister passport biodata pages when officer asks for proof, you can show parents names in your nephew passport and parents names will be in your sister’s passport and in your passport parents names can be show which are same in this combination we can provide proof in clear way don’t miss any such document proof carry relationship as much as possible as important point, having good knowledge of the inviting person inviting persons current visa status, their annual income their USA residing location and address and information of their last indian visit keep this kind of questions handy along with marriage day, birthdays, try to remember them next coming to your career situation, answer with confidence with our hesitation as per my experience, when officer ask about husbands annual income where in only wife and child attending interview with out husband when the question of husbands annual income raises, suddenly if you don’t recall it or hesitate to answer and give some answer randomly in this kind of situation interview will stop and your visa might be rejected your annual income or if you are a house wife your husband annual income is very important because in this situation your husbands annual income is your family income if you independently have income mention it when ever visa officer asks for income he will ask per annum income only as per our general practice we always answer in month as 50 thousand or 60 thousand per month or 70 thousand per month, we tell mostly on month basis will officer always asks and expects per annum information only, so always answer per annum only reason why I am stressing it more is, as per interview patterns when visa officer ask question about your annual income by default we are answering 70 thousand and stopping or 1 lakh if though your income is 1 lakh per month, you might just say 1 lakh and stop if officer misunderstand your income as 1 lakh per annum, that looks like you are week India and he may take a wrong decision again why i am stressing more on this point is i have an example in pensioners case this kind of misunderstanding are raising frequently for some applicants per annum pension will be 40 thousand or 50 thousand and for some per month pension will be 40 thousand or 50 thousand when the question of pension raises, mention clearly what is your pension per annum or per month in specific make sure to fill same content in DS 160 form and do explain orally in interview to avoid miscommunication if by mistake even though you are getting per month 50 thousand that is 6 lakhs per annum even in that situation if you answer 50 thousand and stop with no further explanation, visa officer might think that you are getting 50 thousand per annum that looks like you are financially weak in India and visa officer might take wrong decision generally all questions and answers are one word questions and one word answers we may need to tell answers in very brief and lengthy give answers cristal clear answers for asked questions point to point we need not give unnecessary explanations if any further information is required, visa office will ask you again and we can give related information so this is information related to questionnaire this is my inputs, if you like this video do subscribe if you have any further doubts , please feel free to put in comment will give detailed response accordingly today I am only discussing about B2 visa important questions in different different discussions I will give explanation based on different situations I will be uploading more videos so do subscribe and watch this videos frequently so that you will get complete information on how to handle America visa, ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR VISAS Please subscribe to Eagle visa and travel vlogs for all travel related information thank you

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