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Hello Friends | Good Afternoon | I am Akbar Ali Ansari and you are watching Akbar Ali Ansari vlogs on my YouTube channel. Today my topic is UK Standard Visitor Visa | UK General Visitor Visa | and UK Business Visitor Visa. You live in Pakistan and you are going to apply for UK visitor visa first time from Pakistan. I am going to tell you detailed list of documents This list of documents will be very beneficial for those visa applicants who have no previous travel history and visiting to UK first time from Pakistan. I write list of document in the description of this video so that you can copy and paste it, and keep the print out with you and which documents you have got available with you, attach them with your UK visa application and submit online. I hope you will get successful visa application, if you have these documents with you. Please attach this list of documents So let’s make a start. Family Composition Documents | These documents demonstrate your Family Ties in Pakistan. Urdu Nikah Nama | Marriage Deed Nadra Computerized Marriage Certificate from the concerned Union Council Birth certificate of children | Form B of children | Family Registration Certificate which we call it FRC. If you have two wives, two Urdu Nikah Namas, two Nadra Marriage Registration Certificates. If you have married before whih ended in divorce. Nikah Nama | Marriage Deed If you divorced your wife, Certificate of Divorce from the concerned Union Council If you had obtained Decree of Divorce against your husband from the Family Court, Copy of Decree of Divorce from the concerned Family Court. These are the Family Composition Documents which demonstrate your family ties in Pakistan. Income Documents | These documents demonstrate you financial ties in Pakistan. 6 Months Banks Statement | Personal and Business account Account Maintenance Letter from the Bank | Personal and Business account Fixed Deposits Bank Accounts | Bank Letter | Bank Certificate National Savings Centre | National Saving Certificates | Defence Saving Certificates Special Saving Certificates Pakistan Post Office | Regular Income Certificates You should have all these documents which strengthen your visa application. Business Documents | These business documents demonstrate your business ties in Pakistan. National Tax Number | NTN Certificate | Sale Tax Number | Online NTN/ STN confirmation from the FBR website. If you have partnership concern Partnership Deed | Form C with Partnership Deed | If you have amended your partnership deed Form D. If you import goods from other Countries in Pakistan Import License. 3 Years Tax Returns, for example Tax returns for the year of 2016 | 2017 |2018. If you have paid tax, you should have receipts of payments for the last years. Company’s Profile | Company’s Business Card | Company’s Catalogue | Personal Business Card | Skilled and non skilled employees contracts | If you are going to visit your business customer, thread of emails exchanged between you and your customer. Travel Documents | Current and Previous Passports | Computerized National Identity Card | Hotel Bookings | Round Trip Ticket Reservation | Travel insurance | Property Documents | These Property Documents show your ties in Pakistan. Sale Deeds with Certified English Translation | Rent Deeds with Certified Translations | Rent Receipts with Certified Translations | Notarized Property Valuations Certificates | NGOs Membership | Membership Certificates | List of Members | NGO Brochure | Letter for NGOs President | Filed Activities Photographs | Private Employment | Now we see what documents you should have if you are in private employment. Employment Contract | Employment Letter | Letter from the Employer | Job Title | Duration of Employment – Current Salary | 6 Months Bank Statement | 3 Months Pay slips | Visiting Card | Proof of Government Employment | Appointment Letter if you got any | 6 months Bank Statement | 3 months Pay Slips | The most important, No Objection Certificate from the concerned Government Department Now we see what Letters you could attach with your UK visa application. If you are applying UK Standard visitor visa or UK General visitor Visa you can attach a Letter for Purpose of Visit. If you are applying UK Business Visitor visa, attach company’s profile. Brief introduction of company | A letter from the Business Partner | Sponsorship Declaration | At the end all documents which i have told you, you should attach all these documents with your UK visa application which you have got available. and hopefully you gonna be successful with your visa application. Thank you so much for watching this video. Good bye.

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