UK Family Visa | Private Life in the UK  Private Life Applications | Part 7

UK Family Visa | Private Life in the UK \ Private Life Applications | Part 7

Hello Friends | Good afternoon | I am Akbar Ali Ansari | You are watching Akbar Ali Ansari Vlogs on my Youtube Channel. I will tell you today about how to apply on the basis of your private life in the UK? I will provide you some basic information about Private life in the UK. Lets see what is the eligibility criteria ? or what are the basic requirements? or what are the categories under which you can apply for leave to remain, if you are overstayed or have no legal status in the UK. There are four conditions or eligibility which are enumerated in appendix FM paragraph 276 ADE of UK Immigration rules. Number One | You are under 18 and you’ve lived in the UK continuously for at least 7 years, and it would be unreasonable to expect you to leave the UK. Number Two | You are between 18 and 24 and you’ve lived continuously in the UK for more than half your life. Number Three | You are 18 or over, have spent less than 20 years in the UK and would have very significant problems living in the country you would have to go to – for example, you do not speak the language and could not learn it. Number Four | 25 or over and you have been in the UK continuously for 20 years Family Members | Your family members can apply on the same application – but you will be considered separately. Previous Convictions or Imprisonment | Please remember this if you have had any period of previous convictions or Imprisonment in the UK. This will not count in it. Residence | Remember this you have not been spent more than six months or 18 months in total outside the UK. Relevant Factors | Cultural backgrounds Length of time spent in the country of return Family, friends and Social networks. Faith, Political or sexual orientation, or gender activity. Lets see what is the document checklist. Four Documents are very important | Your valid Original Passport | Proof of continuous residence | Proof of Police registration Certificates | Proof of your Income | Now we see what is the application process? You have to submit online FLR (FP) Form. Application Fee | is GBP 1033 for each applicant Now we see in What cases you cannot pay application fee? If you are unable to pay application fee GBP 1033 for any reason , then there will three conditions apply to you. Number one | You do not have a place to live and you cannot afford one. Number Two | You have a place to live but you cannot afford your essential living costs like food or heating. Number Three | You have a very low income and paying the fee would harm your child’s wellbeing. but concurrently you will have to provide some proof of your inability to pay application fee such as Proof of no accommodation | Proof of no Income | Proof of payslips | P45 | P60 | Proof of asylum support | Proof of support by the local authority Bank Statement | Food Bills | Essential travel costs | Proof of support by the community | Proof of support by a friend | proof of support by a charity Now we see what exceptions you have got in this regard? No English language requirement | No minimum income requirement | Route to Settlement | Your application leave to remain will allow for 10 years You have to look that the Solicitor, or Visa Consultant, or Immigration Consultant you have hired , Whether he is well trained or has got sufficient experience regarding these matters.

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