Travel to Grand Cayman Island with Monica Walton (2019) |

hey guys my name is Monica and today I’m
here with Jetsetter in the beautiful Cayman Islands I’m gonna show you around one of my
favorite places in the whole world but first you have to like this video
and subscribe to Jetsetter’s YouTube channel I’m ready to start exploring
let’s go so we just pulled up at stingray city it’s a sandbar just off the coast of the Cayman Islands and it’s actually where
fishermen used to come and clean their catch and that attracted wild stingrays
to come to the area now its this Caribbean Wonder and you can actually get in and
swim with the stingrays So there’s a jet ski on the back of the boat
let’s go for a ride Cheers next on the itinerary one of my favorite
things to do is swimming with the horses this is just about she’s gorgeous and
she’s gonna take us for a ride on this beautiful beach we’re gonna go in the water so I’ve made it down to Georgetown it’s
the capital of the Cayman Islands there’s these gorgeous charming stores
everywhere these quaint little corners to explore and my favorite the Cayman craft market I love that this is the place where
locals and showcase their work and some of the jewelry you’ll find here is so unique so you basically put this on anything yeah it’s spicy but it’s good only found in the Cayman Islands I’ve had the best day swimming with the
stingrays swimming with the horses exploring all the markets in Cayman now
I’m hungry and it’s time to try some of the food at one of my favorite places
Kaibo Beach and maybe I’ll grab a cocktail so the Cayman Islands is famous
for its high quality food it’s fresh seafood so I’ve ordered the seafood
platter here at Kaibo we’ve got some mahi-mahi some tuna my favorite the
conch fritters which you have to try and the grouper dip which is delicious what an amazing Island experience if you
want to know more about the Cayman Islands then head over to your online resource for traveling smartly stylishly and consciously Thanks so much for
watching and make sure you stay tuned because there’s more videos to come

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