Tourist Visa – English Version

Tourist Visa – English Version

Australian Tourist Visa (aka Visitor Visa)
Need a tourist visa to Australia from the Philippines? Australian tourist visa, also
known as Visitor Visa. Commonly called “holiday visas” too, travel
visas, visa 600’s, or very often “Just a simple tourist visa”. Well, actually they are not a simple visa
application as many imagine, although many assume otherwise that such a visa
application will be a mere formality (and are shocked when it’s refused!) Anyone who is not an Australian Citizen requires
a visa to enter Australia. No visa,
no entry. This especially applies to tourist visa applications. And Australian tourist
visas, because many believe they are easy and quick, are the preferred choice of
those dishonest and non-genuine visa applicants who intend to overstay in Australia
to work illegally on the black market. So if you ARE a genuine visitor visa applicant,
you need to prove that you are NOT intending to overstay and breach visa
conditions! Successfully getting a tourist visa from Philippines
to Australia
Refusal of tourist visa applications to Australia from the Philippines and other less-
affluent countries is surprisingly common. There are a lot of scams and clever
schemes designed to “trick” the Embassy, often sadly encouraged by Filipino travel
agents or by well-meaning family and friends, or from the various online advice
forums and Facebook groups. Fortunately Down Under Visa know all of the
urban myths and are familiar with all the dreadful
advice about what to say and what visitor visa requirements are supposedly necessary,
and we can keep you on the straight- and-narrow path to an honest tourist visa
grant. If you are a genuine visitor, ie. if you want
to go to Australia for a short visit for tourism purposes or to visit friends or family,
we stand a great chance of getting you a tourist visa from Philippines to Australia. Note that visitor visas for recreation, holidaying,
sightseeing and seeing Australia as a genuine tourist are less common from Philippines
due to the costs involved which are often out of reach to the average Filipino
(which the Embassy Case Officers know only too well). But please ask us, and be assured of an honest
appraisal of your case. Our greatest successes (in fact we have exceptional
success rates) are with the Australian Filipina couples who meet and fall
in love, and want her to visit Australia to enhance their relationship ie. see if she
likes Australia and if she will be happy there with her Australian man on a permanent
basis and to visit the friends and relatives of the Australian sponsor. If you are a Filipina lady or Filipino man
in a genuine loving relationship with an Australian,
or if you are an Australian who wants their love partner from Philippines to visit
you, then please use the FREE ASSESSMENT FORM at the top of the page. We have a very high success rate with
genuine visa applicants and have had thousands of visa grants over the years,
particularly where they have met in person as a sign of their commitment to each
other. How To Apply For An Australian Tourist Visa
With Your Philippines Passport
So if you are a genuine visitor from Philippines, especially if you want to spend time
with your Australian boyfriend or girlfriend (or an Australian fiancee, fiance or
spouse) or even a family member, then we can help you by preparing a visa
application which is complete and honest and which meets the Regulations in
Australian Migration Law. We can give you precise visa requirements
for an Australian tourist visa that are right for
your situation, and we can then check those visa requirements that you send us for correctness. We are thorough and we are
absolutely honest. No lies or scams, and no promising a fast
visa grant. Yes, we
lodge Australian visa applications online with our business IMMI Account, but that
doesn’t make it go faster. No clever schemes to fool the authorities. Our success
rate very high, all without ever telling lies. And what’s more, we won’t take you on as
a client unless we believe you will be successful. Australian Tourist Visa Pros and Cons Pros
? Less complicated visa application (compared to partner visa)
? Much cheaper than a partner visa ? May extend stay by applying for a further
onshore visa application later ? Ideal for not-yet-committed couples as it’s
only temporary ? It’s possible to be granted a multiple-entry
tourist visa ? In most cases it’s possible to apply for
further onshore visas, eg partner visas ? Onshore tourist visas are entitled to bridging
visas if not granted before existing visa runs out Cons
? Applications are assessed subjectively, ie. higher risk of refusal if Case Officer
not convinced
? The high number of cheats who abuse the system and make it harder for honest
applicants ? Is designed for visiting and not for maintaining
a relationship, ie. it’s a poor substitute for a partner visa
? May not work ever ? No Medicare coverage
? Limited study opportunities and high education costs

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  • ian sagrada

    March 8, 2019

    Hello maam! I have a question. I have an aunt living in together with he's living partner in australia she' was staying thier about 3 years from now. She have 2 daughters 16 and 24 was with her already with a tourist visa living with her. Can a tourist visa extend up to several years I heard that when you are 24 you cannot take a another visa except you are under 18. Please I want your advice. Thank you.


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