Top 5 Hunted Tourist Places of INDIA – 2017

Do you believe in ghosts and spirits is darkness makes you feel uncomfortable? Do you hear unknown voices in Midnight’s? Hold your answer till the end of this video while I will guide you to top 5 most hunted tourist places of India that you Need to visit at least once I have many places in my list but these five made their positions to the top of my list, so let’s the Journey begin 1 bana fort Rajasthan the ghost town of Bana is one of the scariest Spookiest places you could possibly imagine not to mention one of the most haunted places in India situated near a popular forest this town is now slowly luring visitors from around the area and country for all the wrong reasons It should be noted that if you decide to visit this place after the sun has gone down You won’t be allowed to in fact there is a strict warning about how dangerous this place becomes after sunset the story which this town is well known for tells the tale of a magician who fell in love with the local princess of the Area even though their match was impossible being quite the master of Dark Magic He decided to cast a spell on her to make her surrender to him however the Princess learned of his plans and found a way to kill him before his death however the Magician cast a dark spell on the Palace which caused its doom Despite banished wart being regarded as one of the most horror haunted places in India has been officially promoted as a tourist destination However once the night falls and the darkness takes over this place becomes deserted leaving it prey to the supposed Supernatural mystery of benefit also featured on the TV show and you can have a look at the most haunted place in India’s video yourself to Caldera Rajasthan the Village of Caldera is popularly known to be a deserted ghost village that has been abandoned since eighteen hundred’s It is said to carry a curse of the villagers who vanished from there overnight after Having lived before over seven centuries the village lies in ruins established in 1291 by the Pala well harmons who were a very prosperous clan and were known for their business acumen and Agricultural knowledge, it has been said that one night in 1825 all the people in Caldera and nearby 83 Villages vanished in Dark all of a Sudden and without any warning Tales about this mystery include the fact that selim singh the minister of the state Once visited this village and fell in love with the beautiful daughter of chieftain wanting to marry her The minister threatened the Villagers by saying that if they did not marry the girl to him he would levy huge Taxes the chief of the village along with those of adjoining Villages decided to Abandon and migrate Elsewhere to protect the Girl’s honor Nobody saw them leave nor did anyone figure where they went they simply vanished It is said that the Villagers also cast a spell on the village as they left cursing anyone who tried to inhabit the land It’s better to feel the curse of the land on your own three address and Caballo Lee Haley Road New Delhi an ancient step well situated right in the heart of Central delhi takes you by surprise If you are out on the streets for a walk Ironically it is actually quite impossible to miss having a unique blend of architecture with a signature design known to have existed only Centuries ago although there are no known Historical records to prove who built the beautifully design step well it is under the protection of a sir for being a rare historical Specimen one of its kinds it is not known for any kind of supernatural activities But for its mystic feel and the hearsay stories about how some felt like they were being followed by an invisible Somebody and the intensity of the same increased if they started walking faster This is definitely something you need to experience firsthand to really believe it for the Shanna Wada fort pinay known for its sheer Architectural Brilliance this fort has witnessed various spooky occurrences it is believed that the level of supernatural activity is on its zenith on every full moon night, the mysterious story behind the Strange activity Suggests that a young prince was brutally murdered here. Which is maybe his spirit haunts the place and when the night falls Sounds of him shrieking can be heard there are many locals who actually? Camp at night on the fort grounds just to hear the little boys scream sometimes the scream was so fearful that made Campers to leave the place at an instant it is preferable to visit the fort during day hours since the fort is deserted at night Except for its a caretaker visit this place at your own risk as this would definitely be the scariest haunted place in P&A India five RamoJi Film City hyderabad being one of the biggest film cities in the country This place is home to a lot of hotels which have been projected to a lot of controversy because of the reported supernatural activities in and around them Witnesses report the lights kept on top keep falling off The light men who sit with the lights on top have been pushed so many times and many have had grievous injuries the food left In rooms also gets scattered around the room and strange marks are left on the mirrors Females are more targeted by the ghosts than the males girls reported an invisible Force tearing their clothes off Some said they felt someone knock their washroom doors while the rooms remain locked from the inside They create Havoc many preventive measures have been taken But in vain you must visit haunted place in India in case you want to experience the paranormal for yourself Which place you like the most and want to visit or have already visited? 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