Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Argentina

with jaw-dropping scenery abundance of
exotic wildlife colonial towns and cities rife with superb cuisine and
vibrant culture it is no wonder that Argentina is a popular travel
destination located in the southern region of South America and large
elongated shape Argentina was sparsely inhabited by a few indigenous tribes
before Spain’s colonized and in the 16th and 17th centuries today the country is
an independent republic featuring varied landscapes from rich Plains to thick
jungle majestic mountains pastoral steps and impressive glaciers and overview of
the best places to visit an Argentina at the geographical center of Argentina
is Cordoba the country’s second largest city surrounded by picturesque valleys
and mountains Florida Bob is best known for its concentration of Spanish
colonial buildings most of these historic palaces churches and monuments
are found in the city center within an area known as the Jesuit law
rudabeh is also home to more than 200,000 students producing the city with
a youthful and lively atmosphere once a retreat for Argentina’s aristocracy Mar
del Plata today is the country’s top beach resort city located on the
Atlantic coast in the buenos aires province mar del plata attracts millions
of tourists every year to its sandy beaches and lively culture during the
summer weekends it can get very crowded here but outside the summer months the
city takes on a much more relaxed field with its chocolate shops Swiss style
architecture and picturesque setting of pristine lakes and snow-capped mountains
San Carlos de Bariloche appears more like a village in Switzerland instead it
is an enchanting City in the Rio Negro province of Argentina commonly referred
to as simply bariloche san carlos also serves as a gateway to spectacular
landscapes and outdoor adventures the nearby mountains are a hotspot for snow
skiing containing one of South America’s largest ski stations at Cerro Catedral located on the shores of gülfem wave all
the city of puerto madryn is best known as the Gateway to peninsula valdes it is
also a popular summer destination because of its beautiful beaches
although the water can be very cold with the explosion of tourism in recent years
Madren has undergone rapid growth and the town’s small permanent population
swells exponentially during the summer months whale watching tours are also
popular at the southern right whale uses the waters of golf on Wavell for
breeding and giving birth from July to September the whales are so close they
can be viewed from the mainland located in Latin America’s largest wine
producing region mendoza is a popular tourist destination not only for its
swine but also for its proximity to a country quoi
the highest mountain in the Americas furthermore mendoza offers access to
beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures such as hiking horse riding river
rafting and more at the heart of Mendoza’s its main square independence
Plaza which is surrounded by restaurants shops museums and beautiful buildings
that are illuminated at night formerly used as a penal colony because
of its isolated location hush waves remote beauty is now what makes it one
of the most popular places to visit in Argentina regarded as the world’s
southernmost city a schwa is located on the beagle channel serving as a popular
base for Antarctica cruises winter sports and wildlife viewing the nearby
mountains of Glacier Marshal and Cyril castor provide hiking in the summer and
snow sports in the winter lost lasers or glaciers National Park is
home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders located in
the Santa Cruz province of the vast Patagonia region the National Park
features the largest ice cap outside of Greenland and Antarctica the repeated
advancing and retreating cycle of the glaciers presents a never-ending show of
cracking ice and thunders booms as giant blocks break away and crash into the
lakes with enormous flashes while the glaciers are located in the southern
section of the park the noted section features majestic mountains such as
mount fitzroy offering hiking and mountain climbing formerly a sleepy town in a remote
region of Patagonia el calafate is now a booming tourist town thanks to the
establishment of the nearby las leyes National Park located in Argentina’s
Santa Cruz province el calafate serves as a starting point for many tourist
excursions of which the pair eva moreno glaciar is the most popular due to his
spectacular display of cracking and thundering ice praise el calafate itself
is a charming town where tourists can stroll down the Main Street and visit
souvenir shops and museums like the glaze the aryans to learn about all
about the region’s lace shirts in addition to hotel lodging there are also
several nice restaurants one of the world’s most stunning natural
wonders the Gaza Falls is a series of magnificent waterfalls located on the
Agassi River straddling the border between Brazil and Argentina the Falls
in and of themselves are a breathtaking spectacle but their beauty is all the
more enhanced by the surrounding lush forest teeming and exotic wildlife the
Falls area and wildlife are protected by the a Gadsden National Park the park
features many excellent walkways while both rides are available which take
people close enough to the falls to get wet from the spray the town on the
Argentine side is called we’re too big a zoo and is small and pretty it also it
offers some of the best hostels toth and hotels and spas in Argentina and
pulsating with vitality and seductive charm from colorful European
architecture to animated neighborhoods sensational shopping gourmet cuisine and
slaying nightlife it is no wonder that Buena Cyrus gave birth to the
captivating tango dance located off the southeastern coast of South America
rainforest is the capital city of Argentina and one of Latin America’s
largest cities this vibrant cosmopolitan city is composed of several districts
called Barrios some of the most visited of these forealz include the micro
central where the obelisco is located San Telmo is popular for its free
markets while la Bocas multicolored architecture and tango street dancing
make at the world-famous district you

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