Top 10 Things To Do In New Orleans

Top 10 Things To Do In New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the world’s most fascinating
cities, it’s home to a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music. Situated on a bend of the Mississippi River
100 miles from its mouth, New Orleans has been the chief city of Louisiana and the Gulf
of Mexico’s busiest northern port since the early 1700s. Founded by the French, ruled for 40 years
by the Spanish and bought by the United States in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, New Orleans
is known for its distinct Creole culture and vibrant history. Before we get started on the top 10 things
to do in New Orleans, we’ve included links in the description to various pricing options
for discounted tickets and attractions so make sure you check those out. 10) At number 10 is City Park City Park is without a doubt one of the best
urban parks in the United States. Stretched out over an incredibly vast 1,300
acres, City Park is one of the oldest in the country. Founded in 1854, the grassy oasis attracts
millions of visitors every year. It is an eclectic mix of trees and flowers,
with large oaks and Spanish moss, it is a masterpiece of urban planning. Three miles long and 1 mile wide, dotted with
gardens, waterways and bridges and home to a captivating art museum, City Park is bigger
than Central Park in NYC and it’s New Orleans’ prettiest green space. 9) Number 9 is an amazing adventure on the
Paddlewheeler Creole Queen Hop aboard the Creole Queen and be transported
to the olden days of New Orleans. Your journey is more than a cruise along the
river, it’s a cruise through 300 years of unique history. The Creole Queen is an authentic paddlewheeler
that takes guests on day and night cruises for a totally different view of the Crescent
City from the Mississippi River. As you pass famous landmarks and parts of
the city, your onboard guide will detail the founding of present-day New Orleans and the
expansion of the city. At the historic Chalmette Battlefield, you’ll
dock and disembark for some on-foot exploration. 8) At number 8 are the New Orleans Streetcars Getting around New Orleans by streetcar is
a great way to see the city. There are three different lines: St. Charles,
Canal Street, and the Riverfront, each of which originates downtown but takes you to
different parts of the city. As streetcars glide underneath grand oaks
and past stately mansions, they offer up relaxing views of the beauty, charm, and history of
New Orleans. When riders board these historic vehicles,
they are boarding a piece of movable New Orleans history. 7) At number 7 is the Audubon Aquarium of
the Americas Located on the Mississippi River adjacent
to the French Quarter, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas immerses you in an underwater
world. The venue is home to an immense collection
of exquisite marine species including otters, stingrays and hundreds of tropical fish. Also popular is the Gulf of Mexico exhibit
with its sharks and tarpons within a tank holding over 400,000 gallons of water. The aquarium is open seven days a week from
10am to 5pm and is great for a family day out! 6) Number 6 is a stroll around the French
Quarter The oldest neighbourhood in New Orleans is
also one of its liveliest. The French Quarter is home to some of the
city’s iconic landmarks as well as a great variety of restaurants, shops, bars and concert
venues. This fun and exciting neighbourhood has everything
from the party vibe of Bourbon Street to the elegance found on Royal Street. Enjoy views of the stunning architecture with
balconies adorned with intricate ironwork to beautiful gardens and courtyards. 5) At number 5 visit the Audubon Zoo The Audubon Zoo, found on Magazine Street,
covers 58 acres and is home to more than 2,000 animals. Located in historic Uptown New Orleans, the
Zoo offers an exotic mix of animals from around the globe. There are engaging educational programs, hands-on
animal encounters and lush gardens to enjoy. With daily presentations, chats and feeding
times, all are really worth trying to catch during your visit. 4) At number 4 take a ‘Stroll down Royal
Street. Royal Street is the perfect place to spend
a few hours of your time exploring. This historical street is lined with some
of the city’s most photographed wrought-iron clad garden balconies and is where you’ll
find a selection of interesting antique shops and art galleries, as well as several reputable
restaurants and cafés. To make things even better, the street is
pedestrian during the day so you can walk along and admire the surroundings without
traffic. 3) Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art The 100 year old New Orleans Museum of Art
sits inside the 1,300 acre City Park in the Mid-City area of town. The museum has a collection of fine paintings,
sculptures, and historical objects ranging from the pre-Christian era to modern. It also houses frequent travelling exhibitions
and has an outdoor sculpture garden displaying dozens of world class installations. 2) At number 2 visit St. Louis Cemetery No.
1 St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest Cemetery
in New Orleans and the most historical, holding the graves of several notable figures including
Marie Laveau, the infamous Voodoo Queen. New Orleans inters its dead a little differently
than the rest of the country. Due to the city’s high water table, coffins
are safeguarded in mausoleums instead of buried, creating eerily beautiful “cities of the
dead.” 1) Number 1 is the City Sightseeing Tour (Pay,
Groupon) HOP-ON HOP-OFF is the informative and fun
City Tour, with buses every 30 minutes on an exhilarating open-top, double-decker bus. Explore three centuries of history, architecture,
and culture narrated live by the tour host. Hop-Off at your leisure to discover multiple
attractions, restaurants and shops along the 2-hour loop. The New Orleans City Sightseeing tour guides
you through the many major iconic landmarks and attractions which reveals the city’s
colourful history for a truly, memorable experience. So that sums up our top 10 things to do in
New Orleans, we hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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