TOP 10 ECO-FRIENDLY TRAVEL TIPS | Sustainable Tourism

Do you want to travel more responsibly? Okay,
well here are 10 sustainable travel tips that you need to adopt. Number 1, recycle and don’t
litter. Respect the country you’re visiting and do not litter ever. Take it a step further
and recycle what you can when you can. And be sure to ask your hotel about their recycling
program. Number 2, pack a reusable bottle. Plastic bottles often end up polluting the
land and sea, so bring your own water bottle and refill it when traveling. The less bulk
the better so consider buying a foldable water bottle that collapses when you’re done. Number
3, pack a reusable shopping bag. Plastic bags end up in waterways and landfills where they
don’t break down for years. So bring a reusable shopping bag to put all of your purchases
in while shopping. I found this one online and I bought it because it’s stylish, compact,
and inexpensive. Number 4, when possible find alternatives to driving, including public
transit like trains, trams, busses, etcetera. Also you can do walking tours, biking tours,
share an Uber with someone, and if you do rent a car, consider hybrid or electric. Number
5, support the locals, not corporations. To help the local economy thrive, buy locally
made souvenirs, dine at local restaurants, use local tour operators, and stay in locally
owned hotels. Number 6, shop direct from the source. That way you know your souvenirs are
ethically sourced. In Bali, we visited craftspeople in their studios. We visited batik painters,
wood carvers, and jewelry makers. Number 7, book unique cultural experiences. Cultural
tourism can help you better understand the lifestyle of the people in the regions you’re
visiting. Their history, art, architecture, religion, and any other cultural aspects that
shape their way of life. Learn to be aware of your destination and how to help it sustain
its unique character. Number 8, conserve water and save energy. This one’s a pretty simple
one. Ok, reduce your shower time, turn off the lights in the hotel when you leave, and
also unplug any electronics that you’re not using. Number 9, please stop supporting cruel
animal tourist attractions. If you go to an animal tourist attraction without researching
it first, there’s a good chance that you are unknowingly funding animal cruelty. What you
don’t see when you go to these attractions is the intense abuse that’s going on behind
the scenes. They beat these animals into submission to ensure that they are less of a threat to
the tourists who pay to see them. World Animal Protection released a list of the 10 cruelest
animal tourist traps to avoid. So be sure to check out their PDF which details exactly
what makes each of these attractions so cruel. Number 10, keep the momentum going. When you
get back home from your trip, don’t stop. Turn those sustainable travel habits into
an everyday eco-friendly lifestyle. For example I started researching green fashion brands,
I’m wearing eco-friendly clothing, I bought eco-friendly conditioner, I looked into my
city’s recycling program, and I drastically reduced my use of plastic bags. Sure I’m just
one person, but if we all make small changes to our thoughts and our actions, then collectively
we can all make a huge difference. For more travel tips, check out the blog at
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