TOP 10 Destinations in the Philippines for SOLO TRAVELERS

Hi TPTers! Welcome to another episode of Vins & Yosh! In this episode, we’re gonna talk about the top 10 destinations in the Philippines for solo travelers. We came up with this list by asking the members of our Facebook support group about what they think are the best destinations for solo travelers. And these 10 emerged on top. So we don’t necessarily agree with the…with all the things on this list, and even the order of things, but we agree to most of it. But of course there are some of it that we don’t necessarily agree with. But these came out as the top 10. So that’s what we’re presenting to you. Before we begin, please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking the subscribe button and clicking the bell icon for instant notification for our future uploads. Okay let’s start! Yes, let’s begin. Number 10! Coron Palawan! One of the most beautiful destinations that I went to here in the Philippines. The rock formations, lakes, the lagoons there are wonderful. Compared to other destinations in Palawan, Coron is on the pricier side of the spectrum. But it doesn’t take away the fact that Coron is an ideal getaway for solo travelers. If you’re on a tight budget, consider no-frills, basic guest houses and inns, and there are a lot of them in Coron. Even getting around isn’t a problem if you’re alone. Anything within the town proper can be reached by tricyle. Mt. Tapyas, a top attraction, doesn’t require joining a packaged tour because you can easily climb it on your own. Wanna go island hopping? You don’t need to book an entire boat! Just join a group tour. Number 9! San Vicente, Palawan! So another Palawan destination on our list. So San Vicente, the municipality between Puerto Princesa and El Nido. And it’s not that popular, because most people overlook it because they go straight to El Nido from Puerto Princesa. And now that they have their own airport, it’s starting to emerge as a great destination in Palawan. Not just an alternative to El Nido or Puerto Princesa, but a destination on its own right. Yes… The town proper’s main attraction is Long Beach, a 14-kilometer stretch of supple sand that is slowly getting attention, it is best explored by motorcycle. You can drive yourself or hire a driver. Also part of San Vicente is the idyllic seaside village of Port Barton which has always dodged the gaze of mainstream tourists but has long been known to mostly foreign backpackers. So most people think that aside from the long beach [which is] considered the longest white beach in the Philippines, another destination in San Vicente is Port Barton which is 3 hours away by land, because it is separated. So you can stay in Port Barton or in Long beach, depending on what you want to experience. But there’s a boat, it would just take more than an hour. So even if you’ll stay in Long Beach, you can still explore the islands of Port Barton. And if you’ll stay in Port Barton, you can still go to the long beach. Number 8! Baguio City! We just went there, right?
-Yeah, we just went there. It’s nice to be alone in Baguio. It’s nice to be alone, that’s true. Because it’s very…especially during summer when…anyway, when it’s cold and it’s raining, the atmosphere there is very moody, because it’s gloomy and raining so it’s cold. And you can still enjoy the attractions in Baguio even if you’re alone. Right? Because it’s like…like that.
-Yeah. Baguio has always been a top choice for family and barkada trips, but it’s ideal for lone wolves too. Most tourist spots are for your sightseeing pleasure, and you don’t have to be with someone to enjoy them. Getting around the city is a walk in the park, and jeepney routes are easy to understand and taxi drivers are honest, down to the last peso. There. So even if you’re alone in Baguio, you can…you’ll be able to enjoy. You don’t need company. Baguio has a certain charm, especially if you’re alone and you’re staying near Burnham Park, there are a lot of places you can visit near the park and you can just walk going there. You can enjoy it even if you’re alone, just listen to music while walking. Perfect! While eating taho…strawberry taho. Or mangoes or turnip that they sell in Burnham park and you’re good. Number 7! Batanes! There! I definitely agree with this one. I actually feel like this should be on a higher spot in the list. I feel like…yeah. Because…I don’t know. When I went to Batanes the first time, I felt like it’s perfect for solo travelers. Because it’s very…unlike here in Metro Manila Or even you go to…for example, rural areas that are already touched by technology. There, it’s really a province. It really feels like a province. Especially in the rolling hills in Marlboro Country. And you don’t need to have company to enjoy it. So although you can also join a group tour, you can also just ride a bike around Basco area. It’s easy to explore it by bike or a motorcycle, so you don’t really need a…
-Company. that you have company if you’re in Batanes. Because the primary activity for tourists here is simple sightseeing, you don’t need to have company to appreciate much of what it has to offer. Batanes is one of those destinations that captivates effortlessly. It is visually stunning and culturally fascinating, but what sets it apart is its reclusive calm. Batanes has a natural ability to force you to reflect, get lost in thought, and find peace even for a moment. Our only problem with Batanes is that the airfare is expensive. So if you can find [low] fares, then good…but yeah. Number 6! Boracay! In Boracay, there are also a lot of backpacker hostels. So even if you’re alone, you’re still gonna meet a lot of…even other solitary wanderers. So it’s not easy…even if you’re alone in Boracay you still have a lot of… I burped Even if you’re alone in Boracay, you can still meet a lot of people. So you won’t be alone for a long time. If you want a peaceful or tranquil place to reflect, go to the White Beach, the station 1 part of it. Or if you want to party and drink, you can also do that.
-Station 3. Station 3, night life.
-No, Station 2. Station 2 or Station 3, nightlife. Then if you want to…there’s also “paluto” there if you want legit local food. You can have it cooked for you there. And you won’t run out of things to do because there are a lot of activities that are perfect for solo travelers. And there are group tours too. So even if you’re alone, you don’t have to rent the whole boat on your own. You can join a group tour to lessen the cost. What makes Boracay the poster-beach of the Philippine islands is that it has something to offer for everyone. Families, friends, business travelers, and yes, even solo backpackers. Boracay harbors dorms and cheap rooms along its inner alleys. Seaside restaurants aplenty, but the main road is punctuated by cheap diners too. And it’s incredibly easy to get around. Boracay isn’t the first place that comes to mind if you’re seeking peace of mind — although that’s possible if you know where to go in the island — but if you wish to meet other fun-loving travelers, it’s not hard to do here. Number 5! Dumaguete and Siquijor There. So actually, even before the rise of backpacking culture in other destinations in the Philippines, i thinks it’s already popular in Dumaguete. There are a lot…because the diving community already exists. There’s already a diving community in Dumaguete. Because it’s near Apo Island and there are a lot of diving sites around. A lot of divers travel solo as well, so it’s not new to Dumaguete. Even in Siquijor, if you’re going on tour, you can just ride a tricycle. So it’s not…even if you’re alone, it’s not that expensive because it’s just a tricycle. It will do. And in Dumaguete guys, it’s fun to enjoy their streetfood scene at the baywalk. Was that Rizal…Rizal something.
-I think? There’s a big Dumaguete sign. So every night there are street food there. Yeah, when I went there, I also met a lot of solo travelers. I was able to have a conversation with them about why they went there. Others said they are mending their…their broken hearts.
-Miserable. Miserable, yeah. While others said they’re looking for adventures in life. You’ll meet a lot of people there. Like you’ll be surprised they’re just eating alone there, but if you have a conversation with them, you’ll know that it’s also their first time to travel solo. Way before other Philippine destinations, Dumaguete has long developed a vibrant backpacking scene, thanks to the steady arrival of scuba divers. But it wasn’t long until the rest of the traveling public became aware of the natural and cultural gems that one can easily access from here. You can check out the city’s best restaurants on foot, swim with turtles by joining a group tour, or head out to the province of Siquijor DIY-style. There’s no shortage of single accommodations either. Numbber 4! Siargao! Best island in the whole world. I was there last May, and I met a lot of solo travelers as well. But almost all of them are foreigners. From other countries. Of course! That’s why they’re foreigners.
-Yeah, foreigners. Foreigners that… The ones we shared the same flight with, and when we’re eating at restaurants, and on island hopping, Most of them are from Europe. On our flight, there were French and Italians. So the solo travelers there…there are also group tours, right?
-Yeah.. So it’s easy to explore even if you’re alone. Just join a group tour. They just have to go to the port and join group tours there, and that’s it. You will be riding a boat together, maybe 10 people…it depends how many people. If you want to be alone, there’s a boat for 4 people, just pay for the boat. And there are hostels, a lot of hostels…
-Yes, there are a lot of hostels. dorms, so it’s also cheap if you’re alone. I met someone at the cafe where we eat, the healthy bowl. She said it’s also her first time in Siargao She’s married, she said she just got married but they didn’t have a honeymoon, so that’s like her honeymoon, but without her husband. You will meet a lot of people, guys. And also, as you know, it’s the surfing capital… well, not the surfing capital, but Siargao a surfing destination. So the people who visit there are surfers who are also backpackers. Siargao has a burgeoning backpacking scene that is ideal for solo travelers. Hostels and budget resorts abound, many of which cater to non-travel-package tourists and are designed to allow guests to create connections with each other. Whether you’re here to commune with nature or get acquainted with other party animals, Siargao will bless you with memories for keeps. Number 3! Cebu! Whether you’re staying in Cebu City, diving off the northern islands, or trekking up its southern peaks — Cebu is a treasure trove for adventurers. The best part, it’s “solo-friendly.” As one of the top destinations in the country, accommodations come in all sorts, including hostels, dorms, and guesthouses. If you can drive two wheels, renting a motorcycle is recommended if you wish to check out multiple towns. For activities, however, it would still be best to form a group to lower costs, but because tourism is booming, you can find other travelers without much effort. Number 2! El Nido! I think, it’s really one of the top destinations for me. That if I get asked, “What destination in the Philippines should I visit if I’m traveling alone?” I think this is one of the first few destinations I will mention. And yeah, because it has a very strong backpacking scene. There are a lot of hostels, and I also met a lot of other solo travelers when I was there. El Nido has been a hotspot for backpackers for decades. Way before other major destinations in the country began catering to DIY travelers and “digital nomads,” El Nido’s backpacking culture was already thriving. In El Nido, you can have loads of fun even if you’re going solo. Most tours operate on a system that puts strangers together on a boat for a day-long island adventure. And the prices are regulated, ensuring that tourists do not pay more than they should. It’s something a solitary soul don’t need to be worried about. And…Number 1! Sagada! Do you agree with this? Number 1? I think it’s a tie with…El Nido.
-El Nido Because not all of us likes…the beach, the ocean, right?
-Ocean? There are some who likes the mountains, scenes like that. People always attribute the influx of people in Sagada to the movie That Thing Called Tadhana, but to be honest, even before that movie was released, the tourists in Sagada was starting to increase. We’ve been to Sagada many times. And during our first three visits, there were already a lot of people in Kiltepan. And that was years before That Thing Called Tadhana was released. But if you’re alone, it’s easy to find something to do or enjoy in Sagada. Actually even just walking in…what’s the name of that street? I can’t remember.
-Yeah, anyway, that’s where the yogurt house is. It’s very…very relaxing. Because the mountains are just beside that, you can see the sunset, the sunrise, pine trees, it’s very beautiful.The life there is simple. As in it’s like the time is very slow. So you’ll appreciate your time with yourself. Wow dramatic Sagada is not just for the brokenhearted. Even those who simply enjoy traveling alone or crave an intimate moment with nature will find the mountains of Sagada the perfect place for some me-time. The town proper is small, and all key restaurants and hotels are within walking distance. Tours are all guided and relatively cheap. Yep, even private tours. Of course it’s cheaper if you’re part of a group, but joining one is no-sweat either. Just tell the tour guide association and they might just find a group tour for you. That is, if you still haven’t made friends with another traveler. So there! That’s the top 10 destinations in the Philippines for Solo Travelers according to the members of our Facebook support group. And yes, for the most part, we agree. On the list, my favorite…the ones I really agree with would be Sagada, El Nido, and Batanes. And Dumaguete, I think. I think for me, if you’re going solo, those places are easy to explore even if you’re alone. I agree, but I will include Bantayan Island in Cebu. It’s a perfect…it’s vibe is like El Nido, but less crowded. And Siargao too. I mean, it’s just right that it’s included in the top 10. Yeah, Siargao too. When I went there, I feel like…this is how I felt when I was in El Nido. I felt like I was the foreigner. Because there are a lot of…foreign travelers there.
-Foreign travelers. If there are destinations you think should have been in the top 10, or if you think other destinations included should not be on the top 10, just let us know on the comment section below. And if you have other topics that you want us to discuss in the future, let us know, too in the comment section.
-Just leave a comment, guys. Before we end guys, please don’t forget to subscribe by hitting the subscribe button And hitting the bell icon for instant notification for our future uploads. So that’s it for this episode, guys! See you again next time for another episode of Vins & Yosh. May the #goals be with you!

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