Time Travelers Among Us Now

Paranormalis.com is an internet forum where members are invited help to solve the problem of time travel. The forum is also an open
invitation to the real-life time traveler to identify himself, on the condition that
he truly is a visitor from another era. Many have already come forward, but how many time
travelers are on Earth right now, and who are they? One of the time travelers who is on Earth now is John Alexanderson, who hails from the year 2043. As a former employee of IOCBH, the International Center for the Observation of Black Holes, Alexanderson followed a trail
of corruption up the chain of command. He uncovered a top secret project to open a doorway into the past, by the manipulation of a miniature black hole a few atoms in diameter. He found evidence the doorway was being abused by temporal criminals. But he was discovered, so Alexanderson
took flight and he ended up here. He hopes to alter our timeline to prevent the formation
of the IOCBH, and its criminal cell. Another sojourner now among us is “Roger J”.
R.J. is an agent of an organization known as the Briar which operates from the year 2047. R.J.’s assignment is to locate and retrieve a temporal fugitive from the law, a fellow time agent who turned his back on the Briar, and went rogue. The temporal displacement
devices they use are model number M411. This model can only be used twice, which means
they each have left only one jump. If his quarry retreats further into the past, R.J.
will be duty-bound to follow him, and abandon all hope of ever returning to his own time. Gilberto1, who is from our own time, made
a round trip from his house to the year 2131, returning with news from the future city of
Tokyo. Across the road from his home is a large wooded lot, where he employed an EMF device normally used in the hunting of paranormal phenomena. He detected an electro-magnetic field near an oak tree, leading to his discovery of a temporal vortex. Gil traveled to the future metropolis which is the capital of Japan. There he observed two new wonders of
the world. The first was a space elevator, rising one thousand kilometers into the outer atmosphere, being used to transfer men and equipment to lower earth orbit. The Japanese
used the same technology in the construction of a second marvel, the Tokyo Tower of Babel. The tower is so tall that its penthouse sits above the level of the clouds. One traveler now here is from the past, a
knighted servant of King George the Fifth, of England in the year 1920. Lord Henry Chatterton
traveled here by means of the Chronos Velocipede, an invention for which he provided financial
backing. Its name would suggest a common velocipede, the early forerunner of our modern-day bicyle,
but Lord Henry explains the Latin term also translates literally into English as “the very fast time machine”. The Chronos Velocipede had been stored in
a potting shed on his Lordship’s estate. In a visit to the outlying building to inspect his acquisition, there came a sudden heavy rainfall. Caught by a thunderstorm, the shed was struck by lightning and he was rendered unconscious. When Chatterton awoke and the
mist which surrounded him had cleared, he found himself transported in time. However
he was not the inventor of the device, and he did not fully understand how it worked. When His Lordship was unable to reverse the
time travel process he found himself stranded here, one hundred years into his own future. It took some time for him to learn our modern technology, and now Lord Henry is on the internet
seeking the help of our physicists. These are only four of a select cadre of time travelers,
currently posting on the internet forum at Paranormalis.

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