Time Traveler Shows Future Video of Las Vegas In 2120

Noah claims to be a time traveler from the
year 2030, who was recently on a top secret mission to the year 2120. In a previous interview, he showed us what
he claims is an actual video from the future. He says his stay in 2120 was brief, and the
the futuristic cityscape the video shows is Las Vegas, Nevada. After many comments requesting to see the
raw footage, Noah finally sent it to us. Here is an alleged video from the year 2120. Noah requested us to point out that the flying
vehicles seen in the footage are very common modes of transportation in the future. He says that these two vehicles are equivalent
to modern day buses and this vehicle can only seat several people. He also wanted us to point out that the red
sky seen in the video is a result of an increase amount of Co2 in the atmosphere. He claims that it was “incredibly hot”
in the year 2120. The video was met with a lot of skepticism,
and people saying that the video is nothing but CGI. Noah responded to these claims saying that
he doesn’t care what people think. “I know it’s real. I simply want to spread my story.” What do you think? Did Noah show an actual video from the future? Be sure to leave your thoughts down in the
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