Time Traveler Reveals Real Time Travel Machine

A man who claims to have traveled to the 45th
century shows us his time machine. finally, some concrete proof that time travel
exists! Just kidding
Welcome back to IO, I’m Charlotte Dobre. Its been a while since we’ve made fun of
a time traveler story on this channel. I almost missed it. almost. Actually not at all. Lets meet David, who is from Slovenia. David has been studying physics since he was
very young. He’s a big fan of Nikola Tesla. He used his knowledge to build his own time
machine. According to David, This machine can send
people through time by harnessing electricity and water. Wait a second.Electricity and water? That doesn’t sound very safe. Don’t try this at home kids. David says he left his family and everything
he knows in order to make the machine and research time travel. During his travels, he met a person who wounded
by a laser weapon. He also met other time travelers, like someone
who had been to the 35th century, and another who had made his own time machine which he
used to time travel only 40 times. ONLY 40 times guys. That’s sissy shit. Do you even LIFT? So what does the future look like. Well firstly, in the 45th century, the buildings
are very tall, 500 floors. Oh and people drive flying machines. Well that sounds pretty cool, why did he come
back to the 21st century? Why did any of these time travelers choose
to come back to the 21st century? Also, have you ever noticed that there are
no female time travelers? Or any time travelers that aren’t white,
male and European for that matter? Are you ready to see this spectacular time
machine? HERE IT IS. Wait. That’s not a time machine. That’s a disassembled laptop. I know because I smashed mine the last time
I broke up with my boyfriend. OK guys what would it take to convince you
that these time travelers are legit? Why don’t you test the time machine on camera? HMM?? HMM?? Let me know your thoughts on this story in
the comments below but for now im going to respond to some comments from previous videos. Dom – if you’re here to complain about the
hosts, your input is irrelevant. This channel is a news channel not a modelling
channel. I could not agree more. As we are bringing back Saturday videos, surprise,
you will be seeing more of Rebecca because I just cant handle all the videos myself. Its not about favorites, we are here to tell
you guys about the noes. J hope hobi – is it bad that I love IO more
than my sister. I feel like…yes? Natalie Khalil – love this channel, it gives
info on the weirdest stuff. That’s us, the weirdest news on YouTube. And yes we live up to that title,
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