The Missing Tourist (2017) | Trailer

This story has always seemed odd, right
from the beginning, and when I say odd, I mean unique. Tourists going missing is
unusual, even just the facts you had a bright pink parka. When it comes to
tourists Yellowknife, especially Japanese tourists, they usually come as a group,
and they’re usually well protected, well cared for, well, well welcomed. It would
almost seem impossible that someone could go missing. Atsumi’s case was
definitely the first case I ever heard of, in my 9 years here. Some of those articles
at the time, were saying, you know it’s one of those destinations where they plan to
disappear, but I don’t know of how many people I know that have planed to come
to Yellowknife to disappear. Two years after, where you’ve covered most stories,
you understand what happened. This one we’re still making guesses. That’s unusual
for us.

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