The Lebanese Traveler | Tourism In Bulgaria أبرز الأماكن السياحية والممتعة في فارنا وبورغاس، بلغاريا

We arrived today to Varna in Bulgaria particularly the Golden Sands region Where we will spend a week full of parties, dancing, fun and beaches on one hand And on the other hand, we will
explore the Bulgarian culture and its most beautiful aspects This street is full of music and pubs People come here just to have fun The sun has set and people are still hanging out That’s why I’ll go change and be ready to party The jeep safari is one of the
best activities to do in Varna if you want to take a break from the beach This is why we headed to the mountain at 9:00 am to visit the best touristic places in this region After the Jeep safari, they brought us
to this traditional Bulgarian village where we had lunch then we took a walk between the houses to see the animals and the architecture We are now in Nessebar a Bulgarian town in the Burgas province This region is basically an island connected to the land with a bridge People come here not only for the beautiful nature but for the heritage sites such as the museum the churches and the fortress We stand now next to the only church in the region that still holds mass services but there are 30 other churches Some are above water and others are underwater and are listed as UNESCO heritage sites We are now crossing the Kamchiya River toward an old town called Solnik to spend a traditional Bulgarian day I don’t know what to expect but I’m sure
the team at Nadia Travel has prepared a nice trip This is one of their traditions whenever they have first-time visitors they offer them bread with their own spices as a way to welcome them Thank you In this house, we explored the rooms and we saw how they used to build in the past and decorate with handmade ornaments They served us a salad A basic dish but their spices give it its delicious taste and traditional Bulgarian character After we ate, danced and met many Bulgarian people Our day has come to an end If you liked this video don’t forget
to subscribe and follow the page We arrived now to Balchik A town that was occupied by Romania after WWI Ten years after WWII Bulgaria retook this region that became one of the most important attractions here We will walk around the garden and then enter the castle to see what’s inside Balchik is not only a touristic site it is a region where you can spend a whole day eat at a restaurant and go to the beach we just finished our tour and
are heading to the downtown because we need to be in Golden Sands before sunset I want to try my luck, if I win I will come back to Varna If I lose, I will go elsewhere I should hit the balloon with the dart We will end this trip just like we started it from the middle of the Golden Sands Street where we had fun, partied and spent an amazing time Not only that, we also learnt about
a new beautiful and important culture the Bulgarian culture I will see you in a new video and a new destination Until then don’t forget to follow and subscribe to The Lebanese Traveler on
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