The Calgary Stampede tourism | Midway rides | Things to do in Calgary Alberta travel guide

The Calgary Stampede tourism | Midway rides | Things to do in Calgary Alberta travel guide

Welcome back to Traveling with Krushworth. On this episode, Lil Lizzy, her brother Marcus
and I Visited the famed Calgary Stampede, also known
as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. This pulse pounding festival celebrates Calgary’s
heritage and is a gathering Place for the world for 10 days in July. The Stampede has been part of the city’s
western vibe since 1912. Every summer, Stampede Park in downtown Calgary
comes alive with the rodeo, Chuckwagons, music, midway rides, art and
celebrations, All of it starting with the Parade. From the multitude of food on the midway—much
of it over-the-top— Sights to see, concerts and the agriculture and Western events, the Stampede brings the city together. With ride tickets in hand, we hit the midway With Lil Lizzy and Marcus being the thrill
seekers. For visitors like us, and thousands of others,
it was time to leap into the Calgary spirit. My favourite ride has always been the WestJet
Sky Ride. The view from above is awesome for checking out Food options for later or what thrill to see next. At night, it’s even better. Other times a more intense ride whirls you
too much And a break is what you need. One thing’s for sure, The Stampede offers moments that you wish
you could just pause only for a second. Travellers and residents alike should not
miss Draft Horse Town, An area of the grounds where the working horses are The stars of the show. It’s a look into a way of life that built
Alberta. Live demonstrations take place all the time;
one opportunity Had us seeing how the pioneers who formed
the province We know today constructed wagon wheels. We visited the Nutrien Western Events Centre
for cattle, Sheep among other farm and ranch animals. Don’t miss the Northern Lights arena, which
features riders on horseback. The piglets always prove to be a big hit with guests, And for good reason. Just look at them. Our self-guided agricultural tour continued
through the Barns at Stampede Park. For many longtime visitors to the grounds, the horses are a popular, and must see addition
to the festival. The newly-renamed Elbow River Camp, is one
of the Longest lasting and most important cultural
sites at the Stampede. It has been a treasured place at the grounds
for 106 years. First Nations people live on site for the
10-days and Guests experience tipis, enjoy First Nations
food and learn about spiritualism. To this day, the founder of the Calgary Stampede,
Guy Weadick, Remains an honoured figure among Treaty 7
First Nations, for His invite to the people to be part of the
exhibition in 1912. Today, the national conversation surrounding
reconciliation Is a way to learn about and move forward from
the cultural genocide of the past. The Stampede has been a positive light for
generations. Thanks for watching this Calgary Stampede
episode of Traveling with Krushworth. To follow me to wagon driver Jason Glass’
ranch, click the link on the left. Or, if you’d like to visit Writing-on-Stone
with LilLizzy and I, click the video on the right If you enjoyed the video, make sure you like it And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching and see you next time.


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