The Abundant Traveler® | Welcome to My Channel!

The Abundant Traveler® | Welcome to My Channel!

My name is Kim and I’m the Abundant
Traveler and I upload one video every single week. These videos showcase my
travels all over the world. Just landed in Belize. Arriving in Rome. Christmas in New York! San Miguel de Allende! And my goal is to
inspire YOU to get out there and go. It’s sometimes adventure. Sometimes shenanigans. But always laid back luxury. Make sure to click Subscribe if you want to learn more about exotic locations, Travel tips and new adventures. You know you wanna… What are you waiting for? Click Subscribe! and I can’t wait to see YOU on the next adventure.


  • travesias emocionales

    August 26, 2019

    Hello. We follow in instagram. Great video!

  • Michelle Maggs

    October 11, 2019

    Love this channel, Kim! Thanks for your great, and fun travel tips.


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