Strasbourg – The revival of tourism in Alsace – LUXE.TV

Strasbourg – The revival of tourism in Alsace – LUXE.TV

Half-timbered houses … Boats to explore the city … Original gourmet dishes … We are in Strasbourg, in the land of storks and the cathedral with a single tower. Strasbourg is one of the top destinations in France for tourists worldwide. Like all tourist areas in France, the capital of Alsace has suffered from the negative effects of the July 14th attack in Nice. But since then, its tourism capital has enabled it to finish the holiday season with visitor numbers close to those of summer 2014, and 2015’s numbers have broken all the records. It is foreign visitors who have chosen an alternative destination to France. If in 2015 foreign tourists made up 65% of visitors to Strasbourg today the proportion has fallen to 55%. The major defections are from Asia and first and foremost from Japan. It is these travellers with high purchasing power who are missing. The gap has been filled by visitors from neighbouring European countries such as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. August this year is expected to be in second place in 2016 for visitor numbers after December, which is expected to regain first place as usual thanks to the famous Strasbourg Christmas market. There is no indication that this will not continue, at least from 25th November to 25th December. Two night-time attractions have substantially contributed to bringing in new European tourists: First, exploring the old town in an open boat. This trip, lasting an hour and ten minutes, can be taken throughout the year. This river journey lets you discover no end of taverns serving sophisticated dishes made from everyday ingredients. You can try the beer of Alsace as well. Half the beer drunk in France is produced here. The second main attraction is restricted to the summer months: the Sound and Light show on the cathedral facade. In a few moments we will see some more images from this Sound and Light show. Meanwhile, we enter the district of “La Petite France” by water. The tannery district has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1988. Tourists have chosen both “La Petite France” and the Roman Catholic cathedral as the top two places to visit in Strasbourg. This cathedral is a unique example of Gothic architecture. It was constructed on a site dedicated to the god Mars during the Roman occupation. 8 and a half million visitors a year make the journey to Strasbourg to visit the Cathedral and to explore the unique surroundings of “La Petite France”. After “La Petite France”, we head to the Barrage Vauban, built over the course of 7 years beginning in 1681 according to Vauban’s plans. It is a sophisticated system of locks intended to flood the land to the south of the city in case of invasion. The Barrage Vauban faces the “Covered Bridges”. Back to the cathedral’s Sound and Light show for the third tableau. The cathedral’s 142-metre tower, on which this audio-visual creation is projected, made it the tallest building in the world until 1874. To this day, Strasbourg still has the second highest cathedral in France after the one in Rouen. At a time when the French government wants, despite the recent attacks, to increase its efforts to attract 100 million foreign visitors to France within 4 years, Strasbourg sets the standard. It has successfully capitalised on its tourist assets, and proactively sells itself as a world visitor destination. For the record, the milestone of 85 million tourists in France was achieved in 2015. An example of Strasbourg’s dynamism, the Sound and Light show is changed every year to be a creation unique in all of France. To finish our trip to Strasbourg, we offer you the chance to discover some other beautiful images of the Alsatian capital. If you are responsible for communications at a French tourist site and if you think it deserves to be cited as an example, like Strasbourg, for its dynamism in the tourism sector, do not hesitate to contact us using the e-mail: [email protected] We will work with you on how to broadcast your town’s attractions around the world in images. Please note that this report was produced using the new LUXE.TV ULTRA HD 4K technology, which gives picture quality four times greater than High Definition. To enjoy every detail of the image in 4K, you need a 4K TV and access to the new Ultra HD 4K channel by LUXE.TV. This channel is available for 4K worldwide. Do not hesitate to ask your cable or IPTV operator whether this new LUXE.TV 4K channel is available in your area.


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    October 27, 2016

    what camera?

  • Steel Castle

    July 9, 2018

    Fly into Stuttgart, Germany and drive to Strasbourg (Great scenic European drive less than 2-hours).
    Much less "tourist hassles" and prices for food and lodging lower than in Paris.


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