Stock Traders Here Is Your Chance To Win A $250 Visa Gift Card From Us | Stock Market

Hey guys, what’s going on? My name is James Mason. So with this video I have a important announcement me and Johnny red we are doing a random drawing But to enter this drawing there are four things that you need to do What we will be given away is to two hundred and fifty dollar gift cards, so One card, you know for two people so everything that you need to do in this video will be down here in the description and again four things so here is our Website transparent traders If you don’t know yet, we actually have a chat room in here. That’s free It’s right here as soon as you open it up. So just just go up here to WWE Transparent traders. Um, I just Remember that Hemi part? That’s the only thing that’s different so, you know we have other things up here you can look at but We need talking about that for this video. This is about you entering to make some money or in hopes that you make some money, so What were you looking at here? We are given away to $250 gift cards when we hit six million views Now to look at the view counter go down here at the bottom We’re almost there. I say See today is December 30th. I say There’s a good chance we’ll hit it by January the second so somewhere running there We should be hitting six billion or I like to think at least But so here’s the the view counter, you know, 5.2 million dollars Non dollars, I wish sorry 5.2 million views right now and Again once it’s it’s six million views For everybody who does these four things you’ll be entered in this random drawing For a chance to win a two hundred and fifty dollar Visa gift card, so What you need to do is Let’s see, we’ll start up your with my page go to here to find my page and subscribe to it so once you subscribe, you can hit the little bell for notifications if you want to continue to get notified on my videos if you don’t hit the bell some reason YouTube doesn’t you know promote videos at times not sure why so subscribe to my page then Come over here to this is Johnny red my partner To his page and Subscribe to his to his as well and make sure it’s little Bell if that’s what you want and then For this video You know like to make a comment just so we know and we’ll be able to we already know who our subscribers are already, um Due to some things we got set up that can pull information We already know who has already subscribed to our pages So for the ones who have already subscribed, if you watch this video, you obviously don’t have to worry about that You’re already a couple steps ahead of the game So, you know subscribe to my youtube channel – Johnny’s YouTube channel Like in make a comment and share the video And that’s it. That’s all you have to do And if you want to just keep up with this view counter, you know, just come down here For our website and just see where it’s at, but when you get six million, we’ll make an announcement and For everybody who met that criteria we’re gonna you know, upload all that data and and – There’s this website that does random drawings for things like this, so we’re gonna upload all that data into that and Select two people to get a $250 gift card or Visa gift card, so That’s it that’s all you have to do Oh Besides, you know following our YouTube channels. There’s nothing you have to sign up for or anything like that so hey, I wish you guys the best of luck in this drawling and You know if we don’t talk for the ones I talked to if we don’t talk before the new year I wish you a safe and happy new year and See you in 2019 Let’s make some money. See you then

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