Singapore in Style | First Class

Singapore in Style | First Class

it’s a tiny state with big ambitions once a colonial bathwater now a global financial center from third world to first in just one generation finally all that hard work is paying off So as the Sun goes down and the lights come on
come with us as we go behind the velvet rope and show you the luxurious side of Singapore so that seemed easy getting out of
Singapore Airport Changi, which is considered the world’s
best airport now for two years in a row by Skytrax but what you’re gonna see that’s really
interesting about Changi is that there’s no such thing as the VIP service its CIP service what does CIP stand for?
Commercially Important People who are they? Well they include someone like
David Beckham that we saw hanging out at the lounge today but also it’s for average folks like you, me, and we’re heading on tarmac now to show you the elite terminal service at CIP Forget the masses at passport control because I’m a CIP and that means no
lines at immigration no scramble at the baggage carousel
instead it’s the bar food art and ambiance but when you are not just any CIP, you also get the suite That’s right with your own Butler –
Champagne canapes and all that was required of me was to sitback glass of bubbly inhand and just wait for someone to fetch my bag
for me well, that and pay around fourteen hundred dollars So there you go, door-to-door service at the Singapore Changi airport that is what you call CIP okay so the bags are packed and we’re off to the hotel So as we race down the highway which actually doubles as a spare runway, you know, just incase, all of a sudden we are at Marina Bay that’s right the new heart
of Singapore Ironically you think that this entire part of the Island didn’t even exist at one point infact Singapore has reclaimed so
much land from the sea the country is now 25 percent bigger than
it was fifty years ago and this is precisely where the iconic Marina
Bay Sands now stands There are many that thought it was a gamble to build a
casino in a country nicknamed Singabore but as any high roller will tell you
you have the bet big to win big So here we are at Marina
Bay Sands which is the most expensive hotel ever built in
the world at a cost of more than five and a half billion
dollars as also the largest hotel in Singapore and the sixth
largest in the asia-pacific so we’re in the chairman suite which is
bigger than the presidential suite that only there’s only two of them in the hotel and it’s got everything you may
need and maybe some things you don’t Pool room Table for ten Massage room karaoke room Your own personal salon personal sauna, steam and gym room a baby
grand piano because a grand piano would be too much So as spectacular as the chairman suite is
here at Marina Bay Sands it’s not just about the hotel rooms or just the gambling that visitors come for
it’s also about tallest and biggest infinity pool
in the world in fact the entire sky park is actually
longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall
one-and-a-half million litres of water jut out over
the hotel 57 stories into the air all culminating in a dramatic view unlike any other city in the world So as you see behind us the Marina
Bay Sands is hotel pool is phenomenally popular it’s also a
piece yes of the hotel but also a piece of the
Singapore skyline icon here in the city but lets talk about what
else is on offer in Singapore and joining us now we
have the Luxe City Guides Liz Weselby with us and as you see, and as you know, if you ever come to Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is hugely popular it’s the place to come if you want that
pazzaz a bit of wow you know if you’ve never come to Singapore I would recommend staying at this hotel
because it is such an icon It’s an icon of the city and having said that you will be fighting
for a sunbed sometimes but but come here and enjoy it for what
it is and enjoy that view enjoya terrific dining they have here they some amazing facilities you’ve got
beautiful views either the city or the gardens and it’s right in the center
yeah so mass-market popularity here Marina Bay Sands but what if you want
something a little bit more special here in Singapore? A little more special I would and I’d definitely recommend
just jumping over the water to a beautiful hotel called Fullerton Bay it’s everything that MBS isn’t it’s much smaller it’s more niche
it has this gorgeous art deco design to it its just much much more personal its also sat on the bay so you actually
get a view of Marina Bay Sands in the rest of it so it’s
a different perspective know what if you want to go the boutique route what would you recommend there? Fullerton Bay is almost boutique I guess that the great little hotel in
Chinatown called New Majestic which I think is probably one of
the first boutique hotels here in Singapore it was open probably about a ten years
ago it has this lovely retro vibe to it you go in
and this this modernist furniture everywhere its
quirky it’s cool it’s different and and its right back in a minute
Chinatown so from there you can walk out to all the bars and docks sacks street and club street as well now what about if I want to go somewhere
like Park Royale? Definitely I mean
Park Royale opened up last year you know it’s a brand that hotel it’s
a known brand but it’s something really quite different they’ve created this very green eco-property right in the middle of the city it has roof-top gardens it has an
amazing pool surrounded by gardens you just drive past and the the
architecture is such that you want to reach out and touch it it’s got this tactile and ability of to it it something really
quite different this is where I really wanted to bring
you because I think of all the hotels in Singapore this
is probably the most sophisticated the most gorgeous it’s on sentosa
it’s a real retreat experience you put this beautiful
colonial building and which then leads through too much
more modern wing which is designed by Norman Foster so you’ve got the combination of the two we have guests come here and it really
is that escape you have private butler’s you’ve
got beautifully designed rooms plunge pool it and it’s the
ultimate in all the hotels kinda looks like the colonial Raffles
Hotel that is downtown that wasn’t part of your hotel
recommendations? No Raffles is an interesting one you’re right it is very similar to that
colonial style you know i think is a guest at Raffles you have a very wonderful experience
there’s a private wing which is for guests only no one else in however this the other side of Raffles that
attract a very mass-market tourist crowd you do
get the tourist buses coming by dropping off people and so I think for the more
discerning traveler who is wanting something
special Raffles probably wouldn’t offer it But for the truly discerning traveler
there is of course a better option you don’t get more oceanfront
than this it even comes with your own driver
why stay in a small dark hotel room when you can have all of this and talk about a room with a view with the world’s wealthy dropping anchor
in Singapore if you drop a bit of money this all can be yours head out to sea for lunch and be back on land that first drink for the
Sun even sets and once the sun does go down Singapore’s nightlife comes alive Up in the clouds and back to sea level for recovery before one last lap around City in style


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    Singapore, renowned as a modern country, beautiful, clean and most secure in the world. We can say, this is the ideal destination for young people passionate about traveling. however, the Singapore Tourism also requires you to have a large sum of money , because the cost here is very expensive. The following I'll share one bit of experience when traveling richest countries in Southeast Asia.

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