Sawtooth Dark Skies, Craters of the Moon, Hemingway in Sun Valley | Epic Idaho (Behind the Scenes)

Sawtooth Dark Skies, Craters of the Moon, Hemingway in Sun Valley | Epic Idaho (Behind the Scenes)

Idaho is in a word epic. And we should
know hello we just made a show about it. That’s not your line Chad. You know me I
never memorized lines about anything. I’m Chad, wait what was line? And I’m Jonathan
Conti and this is the making of Epic Idaho. Okay you can say your first names. Cool. You guys rolling? Madeline? So here we are. I start every segment with that they hate it when I say so here we are. Let me start over again. Alright I wont say it Thank you for the feedback.
It is a bluebird day but I won’t say it. Here we are such an easy thing to say it’s like a habit so I won’t say that. Is it gonna matter if this thing is clicking away? Camp accessibility take 1. Pop. That was almost right on my snap. Woa Katies just nailing me. Can I point or should I keep my light where do I point my light? So it’s 2:00 in the morning we woke up
to experience this awesome dark sky reserve and unbeknownst to us the
weatherman changed the plan from mostly clear to mostly a lot cloudy and you can
barely see the stars so we’ll do a take two in one hour More dark sky to come. More dark sky. I’m hoping to see some shooting stars
next time and you know the clouds were cool in the beginning but I’d like it
better without clouds. Right now what I’d really like to do is take a
hovercraft back to the truck can we do that? No. Madeline get out of the shot! How wide are you? Wide. Alright my a$$ is rolling. Alright am I starting? Sure. Ya you start and then you kick it to me my fly’s
down. Fly’s up. Our videographer Katie behind the camera was over here shooting a little footage of Mr. Hemingway and there’s this little hole right here in
the statue thing and she found this old black book and we have literally no idea
what it is so. Maybe it’s his last novel? In case of loss please return to Hemingway
Memorial so it belongs to the memorial. As a reward this life you live.
hello I have left this book here for you to write in. Be it a poem, a quote, a story,
a letter. Please feel free to create create and let others do the same.
What would I write to Ernest Hemingway? Yeah this might take a while. No I got it.
Thank you kind sir. For the “Man and the Sea.”
I feel like you were supposed to create a poem and that’s more of a thank you note. It didn’t say what you had to do. I thought you were going to make that ryme. I left you this book be it a poem
or a quote. That’s not a quote. A story. That’s not a story. A letter. Okay maybe
a letter. Yeah it’s a thank you letter. Yea alright a thank you letter. O whiskey bottle beautiful brown
curvy bottle. Like my lovely prostitutes in Cuba. I can’t do it. You can’t write that in there. What!? I was on something there! I was on to a story. This is so not making the cut I don’t know why we are still rolling. Let’s get outta here. Finish please
dot dot dot. I’ll let someone else finish it. The quote below the bust is. We’re
gonna call it the bus? Is that a bust? It’s a bust right? Yeah. I thought a bust
was more of a female thing? I thought a bust was a head? Right it’s like a
sculptured head. I stand to be corrected. So now you learned something and you didn’t even have to use a smartphone to teach me that. And this is never gonna make the
cut but I think the people partying and drinking around here kind of I think will interrupt your peaceful spot. Well you could take that though.
Right right it’s a very peaceful spot. However the man liked to have a good time. So maybe the partying and drinking is the kind of yin and yang of
this place. Yeah we should have a bottle of whiskey some big brown whiskey and drink
it until we pass out on this bench here and then wake up in our own vomit. As
long as we woke up to see the sun rise. Good point. I thought it only appropriate
we bring him some rum. I also think instead of just leaving the bottle which
would be rude, you actually open it for the man and respectfully. Are you
gonna pour it on that? Or are you gonna pour it on the ground next to it or. I feel like
just right right on to the you know right on to his name. Okay
earnest have one on us. Thanks for all the good books. Good? We only had one rum so you
better have gotten it. Thanks for watching this behind-the-scenes look at Epic
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