S. Korean tourism industry recovering from China’s retaliation over THADD with increasing…

number of Chinese visitors to Korea
surged dramatically in the past 12 months despite Beijing’s defector
sanctions against Seoul some experts believe the trend will likely continue
mainly due to changes in travel habits and a diplomatic thaw Eagleman provides
a deeper analysis tourism by Chinese nationals to South Korea is recovering
three years after trying to impose retaliatory measures against oil over
his deployment of the u.s. anti-missile system fad this year more than 4.4
million Chinese visitors came to South Korea as of the third quarter of 27
percent on-year also the number of passengers using ferries linking a South
Korean port of Incheon to 10 Chinese cities has reached 1 million for the
first time in eight years with China lifting its ban on the sale of group
tours to Korea last year passengers coming only for tourism purposes
accounted for a staggering 70% of passengers while corporate tours or
school trips were also notable leading this change are two major trends among
Chinese tourists in terms of their geographical background and the way they
travel most Chinese visitors were from economically advanced parts of China
such as Shanghai and Hong Kong province with their number hitting a record high
this year according to the South Korean consulate in Shanghai more than four
hundred six thousand people had applied for a travel permit as of last Tuesday
the figure is up eleven percent on-year and is a staggering 54 percent increase
from 2017 when China’s retaliation hit South Korea the hardest meanwhile many
of these Chinese are what is known as fi T for an independent tourists or si T
special interest tourists experts say the Chinese people this day
are traveling more on their own instead of on group tours by year’s end the
number of Chinese visitors will rise even more tens of thousands are expected
to visit South Korea for winter festivities and sports including condor
provinces snow festival it is a significant improvement especially given
the retaliatory measure is still in place such as the ban on sales of group
tour products online and cruise ship tours industry experts say that
going trial arrow summit between South Korea China and Japan who lead to an
even bigger boost to Chinese tourism in South Korea
if Beijing lifts its restrictions jung-in arirang news

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