Red Pen Travelers NEW Handmade Leather Tasting Journal Traveler’s Notebook Covers

Hello there, this is Toni Gatlin from I’m here today to tell you about our brand
new collection of traveler’s notebooks designs, handmade leather notebooks. These three coordinate and I’m super excited
to show them to you so let’s just get started. We have some tasting journals. This is the coffee, and there’s beer, and
there’s wine. And these are so fun, these have been really
fun to create! My husband and I worked together to develop
the designs, we collaborated together on that. He helps me a lot with the designs for my
notebooks, so kudos to him for these fantastic designs! So the inspiration for these was actually
this little notebook from a website called The fellow over there has all of these different
tasting journals, so in this one you could keep track of 33 different bottles of wine
that you’ve tried out, and it has space in here for you to write the different names
and where the wine came from, and you can use this chart to keep track of different
flavor aspects, and at the end of it you’ll have a record of 33 different bottles of wine
that you’ve tried. So I wanted to make some notebook covers to go
with this, so there we go, we’ve got wine, we’ve got coffee, and we’ve got beer. Just like in the regular traveler’s notebook
system, inside you have the elastic straps– of course you have that one on the outside
to keep everything closed– and inside you’ve got two elastic straps. This is a pocket-sized notebook so it’s going
to hold– let’s see, this was the beer one– so it’s going to hold the beer notebook under
one strap. It just nestles right in the middle of the
insert. And then we also have a gridded Field Notes
insert, so you can put two in here. So that way you have a place to jot down all
of your beer notes, and then anything else you want to keep track of. It just ties up in a nice neat little slim package. This is the pocket size notebook and it’s
the flush fit, so not a lot of extra overhang so this is nice and trim and can go in your pocket
or briefcase or purse. I wanted to keep this one really trim. That’s how this one works. The beer option comes in the butterscotch
dye with marigold elastic; I’m having a little bit of some sourcing issues on this color
of elastic, so for the time being it’s only going to be available on this style notebook. It’s going to be out of stock for all my other
notebooks but I do have enough to keep it for this design. So that’s the way that one’s going to come. The coffee notebook is just the same, it has
the coffee taster and the Field Notes on the inside, and it has cream elastic. And on the spine it’s got the two elastics
there. And then the wine notebook comes in the mahogany
finish with mocha elastic and I think that pairing looks really nice together. The inside, of course, you have that wine
tasting notebook, 33 bottles of wine, and the Field Notes insert. So these are all the standard 6 ounce leather
that I generally use. It’s a European leather that usually comes
from Belgium and it’s really a good durable, it’s nice and thick, this is going to last
forever! You can replace the inserts over and over. You can check out, they’ve got
tons of different styles. I’ve got the three, wine and coffee and beer,
but there are many many more; there’s cheese, there’s cigars, there’s all sorts of things,
so be sure and check out his website and take a look at those inserts. You can easily refill these. Of course Field Notes inserts are readily
available from Field Notes or you can buy on Amazon or lots of other places. So easy to refill, and you can use this cover
for ever and ever, it’s very durable and it’ll get softer and more beautiful over time. These make fantastic gifts, especially for
guys. I know guys can be super hard to buy for around
Christmastime and different gift-giving occasions, so consider these. Let me know if there are other designs you’d
like to see. For now we’re starting out with coffee, beer,
and wine, so if there are other options, feel free to suggest those and we’ll see what we
might be able to expand to in the future. Let me know what you think about these. Have a great day! Bye bye.

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