please, please please, you taking photo, wow, same like this here, (laughs) oh my god hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel this is james so today (today) today we are going to watch an interesting video and interesting Nepali video an
interesting warning this video is too viral i have never seen an interesting video like this before this video is very vital viral as f*** when you watch this video your face will change from this to this and again it will change to this and it will change to this as well after that your fingers will be ready to write some comments just realized something, this video is even more interesting than my life right now (crying) rascal you sneaky tourist, why did you record such video? anyways enough with the jokes
, too much jokes, this man called James needs to be kicked anyways two days ago my mum sent me a video link on viber, on that link there was a video which had a catchy and clickbait thumbnail the thumbnail text was; what happened after chasing a tourist with sticks huh what is this video, i have to watch it, after being chased? what happened after? but i didn’t watch that video, my mum said, son food is ready, james? and I said, what is this photo? and my mum said; watch it! did you watch it? son! and I replied saying ‘I will watch it tomorrow’ but still I clicked on that video link and watched about 5 seconds – 6 seconds – 10 seconds, now the titles these news websites put, i was not happy with it because the title was not an honest title looks like the uploader titled the video without watching the full video this is really disappointing coming from nepali news website a and not every one done it that way but some have titled in a way which would make Nepalese people look bad and this is the main reason why I’m reacting to this
video crap title, making nepal look bad, wrote whatever they wanted, they got nothing else to do, rascals! anyways now we are gonna go ahead and watch this video and I just want to say
thank you mom for sending me the video link okay now let’s start watching this
video hey I can hear the shopkeeper yelling in the background from far away looks like they are being chased ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag!’ Hey oh she’s there whoa whoa she fell, please, please (wow wow) shes throwing stones, wow running in this mountain area , oh jesus, I could never do that, her son should have helped her please! please (panting) please, oh she’s there, please, what has she got? please I’m sorry please (everybody people coming, no spend 50 rupees) (you 150 rupees expensive?) I am sorry! expensive? she said expensive! please (why did you photo?) im sorry! photo okay, listen to me! tourist come to me, rascal! laughs, she said rascal (you english people rich, 150 rupees expensive?) wow, okay I just heard what she said! she said you english people are rich 150 rupees
expensive? and she said rascal as well and (expensive huh?) Im sorry! she’s apologizing so im sure the nepalese woman is angry because the tourist did something really bad, nepalese people are we know how us nepalese people are, she must have done something to piss her off and thats why shes chasing her she is not gonna chase her for no reason, she has her family to feed, family to take care of, she has even left her shop to chase her, there must be a good reason yeah she looks angry she looks (rascal!) please, please, please, (like this photo?) my son, oh she looks angry! she looks angry, my son! (your son no problem, you!) ohhh, your son is not a problem, she’s the problem she must have said
something to the shopkeeper and that wooden stick I find that wooden stick amazing! please (you fucking woman problem you) oo she swore! she said you fucking woman problem you) I said im sorry, ( you nepal coming, you bargain bargain) im sorry (room free….) You nepal coming, you bargain bargain (discount) im sorry please, (this mountain area) please im sorry please stop please (mountain area, my mountain area) please ( one black tea expensive you?) no its not its okay (why bargain?) I’m sorry (why bargain?) please stop
you’re scaring my son (you people you dog) your scaring my son (you people are dog) (you people are cow) (you people are dog) my son he is only 15 please your scaring him (your son good) you’re scaring him (you woman very dog you!) please I don’t know whether it’s only me with this reaction or are you guys having the same reaction? watching this is like its like wow, but you’re like whats going on? please! (understand you?) yes im sorry! (Nepal coming you many many people) im sorry please please, (nepali people not people? you are people but nepal people no people?) please im sorry! (nepal dog?) okay it seems like, this tourist woman said something to the nepali woman which made the shopkeeper vexed she just said what did she say please please (nepal dog?) she said are nepali people dog? so i dont know whether the tourist said to her that ‘nepali people are dog’ or something, nepali woman said (Nepal dog?) she must have said something (you why like this?) listen! Im sorry (why like this bargaining?) sorry please okay (mountain place, up up go, no Kathmandu, no pokhara, no manang, this mountain size, carrying horse, 1 horse 2000 rupees we have to pay) you know theres struggles in the mountain area, forget about bargaining, shes saying that she is paying 2000 rupees thousand rupees for the horse now theres no cars or buses that goes to these mountain area for her tea and sugar supplies to be transported on there are other tourists who sees their hard work and gives them tips, but this lady is bargaining? why you bargaining? it’s not like it’s not affordable, its 150 rupees only, bless these village people are so hardworking (sugar coming, tea coming) okay okay! I have a big respect for this nepalese shopkeeper, shes this brave to do this you know im sure the tourist must have done something stupid! village woman is not just going to chase her with two wooden sticks for no reason! not just one! Gorkhali woman! (you, you talking?) she also got a dog! she also has her
security mr. dog whoa whoa (You england people, england people many many rich people coming, save them free money, 1000, 2000 they give me! (you 150 rupees pay, bargaining, please please,) oh a lot of people come from england and they pay her 1000. 2000 rupees, but shes saying to this tourist that 150 is expensive for her? she’s she’s pissed off, im going please let me go! (your son not problem, you problem!) scaring my son you’re throwing you’re
throwing mocks y’all hit submit you’re scaring my son please please okay okay
listen I said sorry okay okay it’s okay it’s
okay she also mentioned about the photo did
you guys hear that like she said it’s expensive and she said the tourist took photos (my tea eating? paying expensive, and then photo) it’s okay, listen, (why take picture you) i said sorry okay! ah okay she said… (…cant do this 50 rupees) it’s okay it’s okay I’m sorry (crazy woman) okay okay I’m sorry it’s okay (your son very good, here good) (you woman) you are scaring him (same like this here, you here, here) (laughs) oh my god! wow! oh my god! omg! did I just see that that was really
funny oh my god I did not expect that I’m kind of shocked now I’m kind of like
let’s let’s watch this again eh this is really interesting (your son very good, here good, you woman same like this here) oh my god! jesus! I actually love this
video I love this woman this woman is amazing
this nepali woman is great honestly she I love it I love it
(you not tourist) she said her son is good, she meant intelligent but she said the tourist is not good and she also described how the tourist is! (SAME LIKE THIS HERE, you here, same like this here) after watching this video I understood why the shopkeeper chased the tourist! I kind of understood why there must be a
good reason for the shopkeeper to get pissed off, she is not just gonna get angry like that without a good reason, I don’t agree on that a your this tourist must have said something bad or done something bad which made this nepali shopkeeper this angry! but this tourist started bargaining, taking photos without any consent, and she also mentioned about ‘nepali people are dogs’ these people who live in the mountain hill areas are extremely honest people they work hard to feed their children to
get the kids to school, there will obviously be tourists visiting in those mountain area stop at her shop to drink tea, but her income comes from her shop, and it’s understandable when a tourist is making a big deal out of 150 rupees like
150 rupees that’s nothing, in uk 150 rupees is nothing, its like £1.00, it’s nothing, and the tourist is bargaining when she got to pay £1.00 after watching this video I kind of felt
relieved because in this mountain area such dangerous hiking area, when you look from the side it looks like you can fall and die no one got hurt could have fallen from the cliff, nobody got hurt so I’m glad about that oh I don’t know what you guys
think about this whole incident the video that we watched ie let me know in
the comments below and please guys let’s share this video because the videos I have watched till now all of them had the title ‘crazy nepali woman attacks british family’ please please, after seeing this title, are tourists going to come nepal? huh? also by any chance if there are
any tourists watching this video and if you guys see any other videos with the
title crazy Nepali woman attacks British family that is wrong alright that is
completely wrong because that’s not the case that is a misleading title I’ve
just explained to you guys what really happened I want to tell you guys a few
things about Nepal Nepal is a beautiful country you must visit Nepal because you
will have the best time of your life I can assure you guys that you will have
the best time of your life in Nepal on your holiday and I’ve also met a lot of
British people in UK who have like personally said to me that oh I’ve been
to Nepal Nepal is a beautiful place I was taken care of by the Nepalese people
that I was living with in the village they looked after the tourists like
their own family so think about it guys anyways thank you so much for watching
this video now I upload videos of regularly I always upload, so if you guys
don’t want to miss any of my videos and please subscribe, and also hit that bell, don’t forget to hit that notification bell because solti squad is always first to
watch i wish i was there when this incident happened, i would have controlled the nepali womans anger and calmed her down so easily this is what I would say to this Nepali
auntie auntie don’t worry don’t worry your brother is right here ( and she would hit me with the wooden stick too) hey guys if you enjoyed watching this
video don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated for more

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