[Music] The number of questions you are asked in an interview for the American visa varies in each situation by having hundreds of of people coming forward for their interview at the embassy or consulate of usa of america those responsible only have a couple of minutes to decide if the applicant is fit or not for obtain a U.S. visa I leave you a list of 10 Frequently Asked Questions in your interview for the American visa. please note that there is no order a pre-determined amount of fixed questions you should be asked before to decide whether to accept or reject the visa where you travel to when we fill out our online application we place the destiny that we already have sure that we will go to go or failing that a place to which we plan to visit is it is essential that you answer the same as you responded as you filled the U.S. Visa Form on a case-by-case basis otherwise you might cause suspicions to the Consul of how much your income is important that in case they do this to us question we do not intend to say an amount higher than I really want to know. sincere with the amount of money that you perceive you don’t know if the consul has information about your salary if you can ask for support if you have traveled to other countries in case they ask you about your migratory movement you have to be sincere with your answer are said to be you’d better have traveled to another country foreigner so that you are not disqualified at the time of applying for the visa this is relative because I know people who had never traveled out of the country and gave them sight as well as people who had previously visited other countries and were denied an American visa what your reason for travel is if you ask your reason for travel seek make it as concise as possible if you travel for tourism in the United States of America. america the simplest answer is to say that for tourism and nothing else about it is it’s possible that the consul will make you more questions for you to deepen your answer like the place you plan visit and how long you’ll be there among other related questions who travels in many pages and videos you’ll find that people tell you That you never say you’re traveling alone that’s it. a total lie if you’re a person who’s really traveling alone don’t he has to lie when he’s got to lie to you. they might ask why there’s answers as simple as I’m not going to either traveling in a group or couple or any other reason you have a lot eye that if you are a married person and you go to be the only person who’s going to do this already. it’s different an option you can make that is to say that you are applying for the visa first and if you are approved visa your partner will also apply who pays for his travel except that you travel for business and your travel is paid for by your company You better say you’re yourself. who will be paying for your trip to the U.S. another exception is that you are a minor of age where the person who covers your expenses trips are your parents since you don’t work at this point it is important to have in account that the principal of the countries to receive tourists is that they spend on the country you’re going to so in case you say that someone in a state united to pay your expenses could you subtract points even if it’s true how much southeastern time will remain when you ask the length of stay to be understands that a tourist stays from 1 to Approximately 2 weeks especially in a country whose cost of living is more high in comparison to the country where receives the applicant for the clear visa that you can stay longer but it’s you’d better answer that you’ll stay no longer. of two weeks a lot of care that once get to usa you’ll wonder your time of permanence can vary with which you said in your interview and possibly ask you for sustenance as cash credit cards hotel reservations etcetera who it visits if you are going to visit to a person who finds himself as the best thing is that you don’t mention it and instead say to no one because you only go to sightseeing if the person who you’re going to visit this legal there’s no inconvenient for you to say it in that Work honestly with your work. you need to say you’re the manager of a transnational company if is that you’re not in case you are. ask, can you add the amount of time you’ve been at work if you have little time in your current job but you have previous experience considerable you can also mention it has air tickets to the U.S.A. it’s best not to buy your airline tickets if you don’t have a U.S. visa and answer that you would buy your tickets a once you get the American visa, you don’t have to let yourself be fooled by agencies that tell you that if you buy a travel package your visa is secured rather than if you you can do is ask an agency to trips that quotes you and tells you the travel plan so that you have more detail in case the consul asks it to you [Music] good

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