Polar Bear Capital of the World – Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Polar Bear Capital of the World – Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

The polar bear, a magnificent creature that
lives in an environment engulfed in ice. For many months, these mammals survive in
areas where sea ice meets water in order to hunt seals that make up most
of their diet. In recent years the ice has been dwindling, and with perhaps one-third less ice in these
northern regions then there was just twenty years ago, the future is uncertain for the King of
the Arctic. I’m Ben Bressler, founder Natural
Habitat Adventures, and I’ve always been drawn to these animals, so regal and proud, majestic and
mystifying. It is important to bring the story of the mighty polar bear to the world. Living
most of the year high in the Arctic, only a handful humans have the chance to
view them in their natural habitat. On the
tundra area surrounding Churchill, the small grain port on the
shores of Hudson Bay, we have that opportunity. The Northland is indeed a harsh environment.
The creatures who live here adapt well, and the indigenous people of
the North live a hearty, and soulful existence. In Churchill, as the bears await winter’s freeze south of
the Arctic Circle a select group of visitors can share the realm
of the polar bear. We stay at small hotels in town, or at our
specially outfitted rolling Tundra Lodge, and head out by Polar Rovers on daily northern safaris. We are
privileged in our journey as the Northland beckons. Young males play
fight, mothers protect their young, and solitary giant males patrol the
shores, all waiting for winter’s freeze. after a long dark winter of fattening up,
bears once again return to Churchill. It is our sincere hope that this annual spectacle of nature will
continue far in the future.


  • James Dziezynski

    March 11, 2010

    Incredible footage of some of the most beautiful animals on earth! Very cool…

  • eXplorer

    July 18, 2017

    Cool video! I love watching nature, explore and calm down…


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