New A5-sized Travelers Notebook for Hardcover Inserts such as Leuchtturm 1917

New A5-sized Travelers Notebook for Hardcover Inserts such as Leuchtturm 1917

Hi folks, its Toni Gatlin from Red Pen
Travelers. I’m here today to show you a new notebook cover size that I’ve
got in our travelers notebooks. Actually it’s not an entirely new size but it is a
tweak on an existing size that I think a lot of customers are going to really get
excited about–especially if you are in the art journaling or bullet
journaling world, this will probably be a good fit for you. So, we know how the
regular travelers notebook system works: It’s a leather cover with elastic straps
and paper inserts that slide under these elastic straps so they’re
interchangeable and removable, infinitely customizable. So this is the A5 size. It’s
one of my most popular sizes. The next popular would be the pocket size but
that’s much smaller. It takes the field note size inserts so it’s great for a
portable option. But if you want something bigger, this is definitely the
most popular size. So that’s usually how this works and these are just some
inexpensive blank inserts I found on Amazon in a three pack. So they just all
fit in those elastic straps and you can fit quite a few in there. But I’ve had a
lot of people get in touch with me, either they emailed me before they placed
an order and they say they want to use a bigger notebook inside, a bigger
insert like the Leuchtturm 1917 or like the Scribbles That Matter or something
along those lines–so something that’s got a thicker spine and has a lot more
bulk to it than these very thin stitched inserts. So, when you’re using that kind
of insert you need some extra width in the notebook cover because there’s just
not enough room for that to be a comfortable fit, most of the time. Even
though leather has a little bit of give to it, you want it to start out the size
that you need it to be, so if you intend to use this kind of insert for an art
journal or a bullet journal something like that–if you need this kind of
substantial insert–you’re going to need to make some tweaks. So that’s where I’m
hoping that this will solve some problems.
And so if you’re anticipating using it that way, this will be a good option. So
I’ll show you a couple of the different inserts. This is your your standard Leuchtturm 1917, super popular in the bullet journal world, has a wonderful hardback
cover, comes in lots of colors and it’s sturdy enough to stand on its own for
sure but a lot of people still like to use a cover so they can carry multiple
inserts. This one has Clairefontaine paper in it. So that it is very fountain pen friendly. It’s wonderfully smooth, really
delicious. It’s got a more of a paper cover than the kind of leatherette
that’s on these others. This is a Scribbles That Matter. I’m really liking
this one because it has a softer, almost velvety kind of feel to it rather than
kind of a slick cover–you can even see this reflection a little bit that you
don’t get on this one. So this one’s more matte and a little bit softer. It also
has a built in pen loop which I think is a really great feature and a lot of the
same other features as the Leuchtturm, which is this dot grid and the page
numbers. So it’s still a great option for bullet journaling. So any of these are
fantastic, but if you want to carry them in a traveler’s notebook cover you’re
gonna need some extra space because these take up a lot more room than the stitched covers. So let me show you what I’ve developed. I’ve tweaked the sizes just a
little bit. So this is the standard A5 size, this is my marigold color and you
can see the leather had some natural markings there. So what I’ve done is
adjusted the sizing just a little bit so the the adjusted A5 size is about 1/4
inch shorter and about 1/4 inch wider so it’s a little bit of a more trim fit for
the dimensions of these chunkier notebooks. So it’s a little trimmer. This
way you also get the extra width that you need to make this fit nicely. So you
can just insert this the same way you would with the smaller inserts and just
for time I’m just going to set these here so you can carry several of these
smaller inserts plus your hardback and you’ve got it all nicely in there
nothing’s poking out because it’s been adjusted a little bit extra in the width.
So if you want to carry multiples of these hard backs like I do–I’ve got two
hardbacks in my own personal notebook that I refer to every day–so you’re
going to want to do a couple different things: You can get an expanded spine, a
wider spine. So we’re adding extra width here in the middle of a notebook so that
you have more room. This also adds some reinforcement so this is a stiffer feel
on the spine there so this will actually stand up on its own like a book. So this
will hold, again, one of these inserts and then several of the smaller. And
this is a one-inch spine in purple and this will be very very sturdy because it
has that reinforced spine. So if you want to carry even more than that, there’s
also a one and a half inch spine and even two inches. So the two-inch spine,
you can fit a lot in there. Let’s take both the 1917 and the Scribbles That Matter and put them in there and you can see you still have a
lot more room. I bet we could even fit a third–let’s take all three of these big
notebooks– sure enough, it’s really full but they’re
in there. So if you intend to use these hardbound kind of inserts I really
highly recommend that you use this adjusted A5 size. It’ll be a separate
listing on my website and with just a slightly different sizing. So don’t go by
the dimensions marked on our usual sizing chart because this is adjusted a
little bit to account for those wider spines on the inserts. So just
remember if you want to have a hardback wide spine insert you probably
want to go with the wide spine on the adjusted A5 size. So this one is Cardinal,
it’s a nice red, and that’s the 2 inch spine. This one, if you’re using just the
thin inserts, just these little stitched ones you can
fit up to eight or more in here, at least eight. So if you want a chunky notebook
with lots of inserts the two-inch spine is a good option. That’s the biggest one
we’ve got. My personal favorite is the one and a half inch that will allow for
two hardback notebooks. I’m not sliding them under the elastic, just to demonstrate here, but you would if you wanted to carry them, obviously. So you can fit
two big ones in there or a hardback and then a good three or four at least of
these thinner ones. So you have lots of flexibility. This one also has a closure
tab rather than what I call the waistband elastic that goes around the
middle there, so that’s an option to add to this as well. Alright, the final thing,
I take that back, next to final, the penultimate detail here is on this one
you can add a phrase you can use your name or some sort of motivational phrase
you can have a limited amount of lettering that’s dyed into the leather.
So this will never rub off or smear or peel up or anything because it is dyed
into the leather. This light color you see here is the natural color of the
leather. So that’s something that can be added to any of these and they’ll always
be in this lower corner here so it doesn’t interfere with a tab should you
choose that. Alright, so that was penultimate. This is the ultimate update:
So if you really need a lot of space or you really just want something that
feels super soft, you can go for the trifold. And this was cut along the rough
edge of the leather and there was a little hole there and I just left it because I thought it looked cool. So this is very much the same technology as the
original travelers notebook concept: elastic straps to hold your inserts, put
one of these in here just for good measure. You could even keep adding, keep chunking it up. So this folds over just like normal but here I’ve left extra leather
so this wraps around. So if you have a lot of overhang here, you like to use
pen loops, or you’ve got tabs on your notebook, or you just really want to
protect the sides of your notebooks, or you want to have some kind of extra
storage here you want to keep a pen or something, this will help with a lot of
that sort of protection. It gives you more space you can really chunk this up
even without having the expanded spine option. You can still have a lot of extra
expansion space. So that’s an option as well, and this is again in the adjusted
A5 size, so this is a little bit shorter than usual but it’s got the extra width.
And this one is only available in undyed leather because I really feel like you
need the extra flexibility. When you moisten leather, even to dye it, it stiffens.
So, because you really want this to have a lot of extra give for this extra flap,
I’d like for this to be as soft as possible. So this is only available in an
undyed option. And you’ll be able to choose whether you want a straight edge
here which will be finished and straight and varnished just like the
dyed ones, so a trimmed edge, or sometimes I have hides that have, you
know, more attractive edges here that aren’t too wavy, and so you could request
a natural edge option and sometimes I have that available. It just depends on
what the individual hides look like. They don’t always have holes in them. I just
thought this one looked interesting. So that could be an option for you and you
can have all the same personalization. If you want your initials on it or anything
like that on the trifold it’s going to be in this area. On all the others it
would appear here. So this is the new adjusted A5 size that is perfect for the
hardback inserts and gives you that extra space. So
if you need something that’s different from what’s on our original sizing chart,
if you need that extra width because you intend to carry these bulkier inserts in
your notebook, definitely order this adjusted size, either in just the
regular traditional layout with the elastic straps or with a wider spine,
either a 1, 1 and 1/2, or 2-inch option there and you can choose the waistband
strap, or you can also add on a closure tab. So you can really build it out exactly the way you want.


  • Enthusiastically Dawn

    November 17, 2017

    I wanted to use the Leuchtrm in the new year! Nice! That appeals to me!

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    November 17, 2017

    Wow, How great, I've added this one to my wish list. Thanks Toni, Happy Thanksgiving, Margaret

  • Jaime Colston

    November 18, 2017

    That 2in spine is a BEAST! Gonna need a bigger bag for that bad boy.

  • tammy ringer

    December 22, 2017

    Clairefontaine were did you purchase notbook

  • Molly Rodrigues

    June 27, 2018

    Love mine! Fits perfect even with a ton of stuff. I have the 2 inch beast!

  • Amy Pender

    November 17, 2018

    I need the 2" badboy!!!

  • wellergurl

    February 28, 2019

    Great video. And you have some BEAUTIFUL jewel toned, colored leathers.


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