Need To Get Your Visa OUT Of Administrative Processing? Schedule a Strategy Session With Us!

If your visa is stuck in administrative
processing, and the consulate is giving
you the runaround, and they’re telling you that you
have to continue to wait so they can do administrative processing,
and you’re frustrated and you’re sick and tired of waiting, and you want my
help, this is how you need to get started. You can set up a strategy session with me. We can connect in my office here in
Los Angeles, or we can do it by phone or video conferencing. A lot of
my clients — in fact, most of my clients re located in somewhere other than Los
Angeles. No matter where you are, I’m happy to help you and can connect
with you by phone, video conferencing, or in person. The strategy
session, we charge $97. If you hire me within seven days
of your strategy session, I give you a full credit for
the $97 towards any work that we are able to do for you.
At the strategy session, you’re going to get three things.
First, answers to your specific questions about how I
might be able to help you get your visa out of administrative processing.
Second, you’re going to get an action plan for how I can resolve your
delayed visa and get you out of administrative processing. And third,
you’re going to get a price quote in writing for any work that
we’re able to do for you to help you get out of administrative
processing. You’re going to get all that. You’re going to get answers to your
questions. You’re going to get a solution, and you’re going to get a price quote. I do
that for all my clients. I can connect with you wherever you are. I’m happy to help,
and if you have any questions, please reach out to me and
let me know. Thanks.

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