Looking at the future of the sanitation in Seychelles

Looking at the future of the sanitation in Seychelles

(gentle electronic music) – Seychelles is a group of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, very well known for its beaches and coral reef and tourism industry. Over the years, still,
the increased growth of the local population and
the pressure of the tourism, the lack of investment in
infrastructure as well, has put the entire sewage
infrastructure system under high pressure. So there was a need to
launch a very ambitious master plan for sanitation,
and this is the contract and the project that we
have been implementing for the national water utility PUC. – Well, at the moment, only
around 15% of the population in the Seychelles is connected
to the sewage infrastructure. So the project is to try and get that up to around 90% or even higher. So obviously it’s a big
project, it’s a big challenge, and the costs of that are
going to be significant, but we’ve also been looking
at the benefits as well, which we think are substantial, and are gonna outweigh the costs actually, for the Seychelles. – We started this project by
undertaking the assessment of the existing condition
of sanitation systems in the three main islands of Seychelles, after which we developed
sanitation scenarios for the master plan
based on some key drivers such as maximizing the reuse
of treated sewage effluent, and sludge, and also minimizing
the energy consumption of the sanitation assets. – Today we’ve been presenting the project and the proposals to people
here in the Seychelles, including the donors and the funders, ’cause we need to make
sure that the project is affordable and sustainable for the communities that live here, so we’ve been setting out the proposals and working out how it can
be financed sustainably. – At Stantec, we are
working with our communities across the globe, and this
is what we are doing here. We are using our experience working with small island development states to deliver this master plan with success. We are using all our
technical capability combined of engineering, but also finance expertise to deliver with success this master plan. I think at Stantec we are very proud of what we are achieving here. (gentle electronic music) (waves lapping)

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