Learn the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Israel

Learn the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Israel

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move already you did here welcome to Hebrew top words and today we are going
to talk about the 10 top tourist attractions in Israel let’s begin a lot
a lot a lot a lot B Hotel kites a temperate or billet guvo Hamid ode in
the summer months the temperature is very high in a lot that’s true it’s a
desert area but also it’s dry heat so it’s not as bad it’s very dry so you
don’t sweat as much but you do have to be careful not to dehydrate and also you
know protect yourself from the UV rays but it’s nice yam hemella Dead Sea yam
Humaira the Dead Sea Mayim Humaira
mil hemorrhoid dead sea water is very salty so in Hebrew actually the name is
not the Dead Sea but actually the salt sea which makes sense it has an
extremely high percent of salt and like phosphates I guess and other type of
minerals it’s supposed to be very healthy for your body unless you have
any open wounds which in that case mm-hmm al but it is very healthy the Sun
doesn’t they say that them because it’s so low beneath the sea level that the
Sun doesn’t hit there the same as other places so you don’t get as much UV as
you do in place that there are sea level or up which somehow makes sense but I
wouldn’t take the chance and I would still put on a lot of cream yerushalaim
Jerusalem yerushalaim Jerusalem biovu shall I’m home la mala mish Muhammad LF
tórshavn there are more than 800 thousand inhabitants living in Jerusalem
I guess so I’ve never checked it is a very interesting City there is a lot to
do there even if you’re not into all the religious things it’s a nice place
to visit to hang around they have some really awesome cafes cool universities
cool subculture yeah it’s nice he never it the Sea of Galilee Kinneret
the Sea of Galilee I have no slave hockey net we rode
around the Sea of Galilee yeah that’s a very beautiful area right there I think
one of my favorite places to go if I want to go to like a resort in Israel is
around there even though down south of the desert
they have really interesting stuff too it’s a lovely place unfortunately
sometimes it gets smaller and smaller because it doesn’t rain so much in
Israel sometimes but it’s ok we’re doing ok it’s fun you can do like marine
sports there too yeah cool place Master Shimon Matt ashram own master showman
Mahesh Ramon master shaman wah wah – ugh adorable a master showman is the largest
crater in Israel honestly I think it’s also the largest natural crater in the
world I know that geologists go there all the time to do research and like
seminars and stuff like that it’s supposed to be a super interesting place
I personally have never been maybe because my parents were too concerned
about my allergies which makes sense every time I go to the desert they just
flare up but it’s an amazing place and you should visit MIT’s adapt Masada
Metsa da Masada limits ADA support his story Manion Masada has an interesting
historical story don’t ask me about it I’m not that good in history I’m good in
biology but it is very interesting to go there you see a lot of things that were
amazingly preserved because of the dry weather over there it is in the desert
every time I went I got allergies again so I didn’t went there a lot but it is
interesting and sometimes you can also have a
in concert there at night and because of the ancient buildings and ancient you
know ruins and you see all the lights and you get like this opera show or
something it’s very intense kesariya Caesarea case aya
Caesarea Becky Serrano to freedom obey me to Fatima in Caesarea there are many
relics from the Roman era that’s true it’s also another very interesting
historical place and also very beautiful very romantic some people get married
there there is I think even a golf course somewhere around there they have
a lot of very expensive neighborhood that there are the homes of the richest
people in Israel and it’s a beautiful place yeah you should go definitely
Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Tel Aviv he Elmo Danny Twitter says it Tel
Aviv is a modern vibrant city yeah well that’s my favorite place in Israel
obviously this is where I was born and raised it’s a beautiful place it’s an
awesome place there’s lots to do great food a lot of hipsters
I love hipsters and yeah it’s made if you want to have fun go to parties go to
the beach meet new people yaffle Jaffa Jaffa Jaffa Jaffa he Ellen
Amara Atika Jaffa is an old port city so actually Tel Aviv and Jaffa are the same
jurisdiction to the same city yeah for is beautiful there are many things to do
there flea market and the beach and I’m tomatoes what rock and you have some
restaurants there and you have the old city and I remember actually beautiful
memory when I was in the second grade we had like a sunrise tour so it started
like around 3:00 a.m. we started walking through the streets of Old Town Jaffa
and then we like stood on some Hill somewhere and saw the Sun Rise and it
was amazing it was my first time for me in my life to see the Sun Rise it was debacle stable care stable quell stable
care miss debacle and it analyst said literally moment bow from stable care
you can go on desert hikes everything that I can’t do desert and hikes it is
an interesting place the first Prime Minister of Israel used to live there so
you can see the little hut Shack that he used to live in teaches you a lesson
about modesty and you know being satisfied with only having you know
small place to live small things not nothing fancy yeah okay everybody that’s
it these are the top ten tourist attractions in Israel please let me know
in the comments below if you visited any of them where would you want to go first
if there’s anything that we forgot to mention that is very important that you
love to go and yeah that’s it don’t forget to like up this video subscribe
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