Japan Trip 2019

Japan Trip 2019

all right. I just got in Japan and I think
Yuka’s over there waiting for me. So I’m gonna surprise her. Yuka! Hey come here. Oh my god. Guess what… Yuka: お疲れ様です(otsukaresamadeshita) Guess who’s on camera? I filmed your reaction. Good to see you. Oh, I missed you. Yuka: お久しぶり(ohisashiburi) Bret: お久しぶり(ohisashiburi) Hey Say, “Hey mom and dad.” can’t see your face daijoubu it’s
waterproof good educator yum yum yummy and so we’re at mr. Dunn it’s so awesome
here because there’s so many delicious donuts I want to eat them all and I’m so
hungry and donuts make everything better so I’m excited to try these they have
chicken doughnuts that’s how creative they are here I appreciate the spin on a
classic it’s like chicken waffles I mean it’s going to be good yeah Oh set see somebody yeah money
Zuzu see ah how are you how are you today Oh what’s the type there you put it on a bun it’s gonna be
delicious this is an American hamburger this is the best American hamburger
you’ll find you can’t get this in a store oh this this is the burger punch
you punch the burger a little bit so you let it know who’s in charge
American burgers all right here’s the secret Japanese more Japanese more yeah mm-hmm first time in a heat the
documents I saw this road I’m gonna go a long way just
to be safe I don’t know them to scrape some fat American corpse on the streets
just because he wasn’t obeying traffic laws they’re very strict about what is
it very strict about you know not jaywalking not going across the
crosswalk when the lights red they don’t like that stuff here so I gotta honor
their culture here don’t want to be a his name Jake Paul Paul don’t want to be
a Logan Paul no one wants to be a little Paul who wants we Logan Paul leave that
to the famous segue castle right over there off the distance right there and
you can hear those bugs with a little quiet I don’t know if you can hear them
or not but those are called semi and they’re basically like a larval type of
bugs that only live for a month and if you remember the Pokemon nincada
Ninjask instant ninja that’s the basis of their inspiration so fun little
Pokemon care you feel yeah it’s so quiet it’s part of here on it be really
annoying if they did this like 24/7 thank you did you have a good time
did you have a really good time good that’s got the I had so much fun here I
love Japan


  • R R

    December 22, 2019

    Ahhhhhhhh yes indeed donuts make everything better and happy 🍩 and the pupper so cute! Great times! 🇯🇵😊

  • Captain23rd Gaming

    December 24, 2019

    Alright so this might be a big one but:

    Honestly im both fascinated, excited, and Somewhat Jealous that you got the ultimate experience of a lifetime to Visit Japan my guy 😄 To us Nerds Nowadays Japan's pretty much considered like a Huge Sacred land that somehow is on the top of everyone's number 1 place to visit and to even some wanting to live there 😊 It was a pretty cool, that you actually got the chance to go there and see all the amazing things that you dont normally see over here in the US 😃 Plus not to mentioned but your editing is very well amazing to see, im actually kinda surprise to see that you dont have many viewers cause your pretty good at what you do 😄 I saw one of your twitter posts on that jojo Video that you did with golden wind (plus i saw that you decided to follow me back 😊) so i decided to come by and check out your channel, to which i like what i see 🙂 As such i went ahead and left you a like aswell as Subbed to you my guy 🤗 Now we might not have any vlogs up at this moment but what i can tell you though is that we do have quite the number of Hilarious Videos over on our end that you might want to check out , some of which that i think that you might actually enjoy!😁 But other than that let me know on what you think of this my friend and defently keep up the great work! Hope that you have a great day aswell! 😎👍

  • JD Sheals

    December 24, 2019

    Oh wow, that looked awesome Bret. I'm jealous.


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