INNOVATOR VISA for the UK 🇬🇧 (HOW TO APPLY) in 2019 ✅️

INNOVATOR VISA for the UK 🇬🇧 (HOW TO APPLY) in 2019 ✅️

Hi I’m Tom Bradford in this video I’m
going to talk about the three things that you need to demonstrate to make a
successful application for a UK innovative visa this is also relevant if
you’re applying for a UK startup visa so in this series I’m covering everything
you need to know to apply under these roots feel free to subscribe just by
clicking on the button here or contact me on my details below for legal advice
and assistance on preparing your application and the business plan so
let’s make a start the three things you need to demonstrate our innovation
viability and scalability now let’s just go through these in turn the first one
is innovation this means the applicant has a genuine original business plan
that meets new or existing market needs and or creates a competitive advantage
now let’s think about this for a moment if you’ve been thinking about applying
previously under the old tier 1 entrepreneur visa all you needed to do
is invest in an existing or new business in the UK but it did not necessarily
need to be new it didn’t have to need an element of innovation
you could even invest in an existing franchise and I was speaking to someone
yesterday who was asking me about look can I invest in a franchise for this
startup visa or innovative visa and I was just saying that look you got to be
careful here a franchises are on the whole or if not invariably worldwide
businesses or successful businesses at least on a national level that have an
existing model they have a prototype which can then can be replicated now if
you’re buying into an existing franchise then by its nature it’s not necessarily
something new so I would say there are possible exceptions to this rule but a
franchise is not generally going to cut it now it may be that you are setting up
your own franchise that might be ok but really an innovation you’re going to be
looking for something which is in probably in the tech space or at least
that’s likely now look every business needs a digital marketing plan now and
website etc that’s a given but most innovation today you will see in
the tech space and I think generally the innovation criteria is going to be
easier to satisfy if you’re doing something which has the digital element
now I’m also working with the clients of the moment who’s looking at doing
something which basically involves building building a community about
around a particular a particular community in London of a particular
national and ethnic background and you know building a community around that
which historically you would have seen more in the form of a community centre
and what we’re doing is working that into something which is much more
digitally focused about building you know an online community and of course
this will manifest itself in the in the form of meetings at community centres
events you know one-to-one interactions but look guys you need to have some
element of innovation that’s most likely to be seen in connection with digital
where are there exceptions to this well it might be you don’t have a digital
business but there’s some unique IP intellectual property now if you look at
the settlement criteria and I showed you the diagram in my last livestream either
settlement criteria includes a substantial research and development and
an application for IP protection so that’s another litmus test if you like
if what you’re doing is not going to result in something which is capable of
being protected and you want to apply under that limb of the settlement
criteria so R&D protection let me just zoom into that then let’s just zoom in
here so you can see the first one R&D substantial Rd developments and you’ve
applied for IP protection and that’s only one of many criteria one of many
routes that you can go down but innovation itself is essential I have
another client at the moment and he’s looking at
doing something in AI space artificial intelligence and intelligent elegent
automation now that just lends itself but to to to innovation he’s in a space
where there is lots of innovation and the sector itself is new so that might
be less of a challenge and then perhaps less of a needs to do something which
has a digital strong digital element because AR AI give me something which is
outside of the digital space but the digital space would be a starting point
and if you want help with you know developing your idea into something that
would qualify or taking your pre-existing idea and seeing whether it
would meet the rules and do let me know just and contact me on the details below
and I’d be pleased to speak with you so look the next criteria is viability the
applicant has who is actively developing the necessary skills knowledge
experience and market awareness to be to successfully run the business now this
is framed in the language of skills knowledge and experience but let’s look
at the end of the day the finance is going to be a strong element of that
unless you can show you’re going to be able to financially support yourself in
the UK and support your business in the UK
you’re not going to qualify under this criteria viability it’s also about
financial viability now there’s two elements of that because the UK is
actually quite an expensive place between in London but there are various
incentives depending on the business sector that you’re in and what you’re
doing there are incentives and tax breaks for example you can qualify for
for example if you’re doing something in thin tech space there’s plenty of
benefits the government is really trying to incentivize people to start up
fintechs because we’re losing some business in
breaks it – to the continent and so there’s a big push for London to be you
know the digital heartland of the of Europe of Europe and so part of that is
incentivizing fintechs because we have a very strong financial sector base in
here in London so yeah again if you want to know more
about that do get in touch and I can I can tell you the details are not going
to be of relevance to everyone but on viability we’re talking here about
financial viability you know some of my clients have income from an existing
business abroad and their startup is funded by that and if you speak to
people in the startup space a lot of if you’re completely fresh starts up and
you’re coming from you know position we you’re salaried where you’ve been
salaried a lot of people say look if you’re starting a startup the first
thing needs to do is is get a job in other words you need some form of
residual income to keep they startup going in to fund the many expenses that
I start up a new business entails now on that point you know work what what can
you work out and what can’t you work out there’s a couple of points to be made so
there’s a difference between the startup and innovator work restrictions for the
UK so for the for the startup visa the endorsing body if I spoke about in my
last live stream has got to be reasonably satisfied that the applicant
will spend the majority of their working time in the UK on developing and
business ventures so that’s the majority of their working time so there’s still
scope and it’s going to be guidance on this do take advice on any particular
case get in touch with me and I can advise on your specific circumstances
but although there’s been no guidance yet the rules make it clear that this is
the majority of your working time but I still leaves scope for working on
something outside of your business which is bringing in income or let’s say
having having you know property portfolio or rental properties which
you’re earning residual income from and then the this is to be contrasted with
the work restriction if you like for the innovative visa so that says the
endorsing body is reasonably satisfied that the applicant will spend their
entire working time in the UK on developing business ventures
so I think there’s probably two points to be made about this and the the the
first point is that if you have some for some form of passive income and that’s
not going to be a problem whether you’re on to the innovative visa or startup
visa or income from from investments but the second point is that it’s possible
to in some cases it will be able to incorporate the revenue generating
activity within your business proposal and that’s quite possible so if if
you’re going to be moving say if you’re if you are working if you are salaried
at the moment you moving into a position where you’re going to be more on a
consultancy basis and maybe that can be incorporated within the the business
plan now again novelty the viability scalability still needs to be
demonstrated but the key thing and the key I think point of vulnerability for
any any business is going to be the the first few months or possibly the first
year if that’s when a period when you may not be automatically generating
income from your business but you’re still going to need some income to keep
you going for some this isn’t going to be a problem I do it for large
international operations who are setting up subsidiaries here and there are also
other visa routes of available for example I’ve spoken in on this YouTube
channel about the sole representative visa for the UK so this isn’t for for
everyone and for some people you know the
viability and sense of viability isn’t going to be a problem it may be that
you’ve got venture capital funding depending on your business I can
introduce you to my network which includes funders and includes
universities I’ve got a project on at the moment to assist innovator and
startup visa applicants where I will connect you with a university and under
this program in the UK and knowledge exchange program
you may qualify to have students from the University to assist you in your
enterprise because universities are very much keen on innovation that a lot of
them have innovation hubs a lot of them are looking to connect with the private
sector to give students experience in technology or areas of innovation and
connect people with the startup world which is a very exciting place to be so
that’s the viability criteria what about the third criteria its scalability so
there’s evidence of a structure so evidence of structured planning and of
potential for job creation and growth into national markets so you’ve got to
demonstrate this now scalability in really in my mind or only sort of a
standard a standard definition would involve some sort of multiple of revenue
year upon year or being able to demonstrate the potential for that this
definition is slightly different there’s evidence of structured planning and of
potential for job creation and growth international markets so I think the
first of these looks structured planning and potential for job creation that sets
the bar pretty low but growth in to national markets I think that’s key so
it’s not requiring and necessarily a multiple of revenue as one would
ordinarily understand and the scalability to mean it means growth
international market and really that that equals having a market share
nationally so showing the pathway to having a market share nationally in your
particular area now for this the interesting thing about this is that you
know you’re going to need to niche down the more generic your proposition more
general it is probably the less likely it is that you’re going to be able to
show that you can take a share of the national market or you have a pathway to
be able to achieving that so I think one could apply here the you know will it
fly test so when you’re doing your viability analysis
you’re also looking at look what’s our pathway to a share in the in the
marketplace nationally and what what is that market share gonna be so the
business plan again will need to be ambitious this all boils down to the
business plan in the first instance so that’s where all of these ideas going to
be articulated as a first step towards securing support of an endorsing body if
you want support with securing the support of an endorsing body for your
business plan do just contact me on the details below I’d be very happy to speak
with you and so those those are the three criteria they all should be
embodied in the business plan and don’t use a generic business plan I think it’s
important to have all the stakeholders involved in the process of formulating
your business plan that’s what I assist clients with doing if you just
formulates your business plan or business ideas independently of the
various stakeholders and potential supporters and funders and universities
etc then you’re taking a high risk strategy much better to take an approach
which involves taking soundings from the various stakeholders and prospective
clients the of your potential business and develop it imminently and and
incrementally and that’s basically the approach that I take so identifying the
perspective sort of supporting and body taking your skill set and moving towards
a towards a match so that your feature is ultimately going to be granted and so
you can you can implement your business successfully in the UK I hope that was
helpful I’m going to be producing more in this series as I say the idea of this
series on the startup and innovative visa is to give you everything you need
to know to make an application this is part two of that series you can just
subscribe here to get notifications on the rest of the series I very much look
forward to seeing you in the next video thanks for your time


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