INEOS chairman Jim Ratcliffe invests in conservationism and ecotourism

(sweeping, poignant music) – [Narrator] Iceland is a remote, fragile wilderness on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Despite its icy waters,
it’s home to a large portion of the world’s
North Atlantic salmon. However, the species is in danger. – Salmon stocks have been damaged with overfishing and ignorance about some of the impacts they have on the salmon stocks in the river. – [Narrator] Through his passion for salmon fishing, Jim Ratcliffe has invested
heavily in the region, to help expand the salmons’ natural breeding grounds. This is achieved through the construction of salmon ladders, next to previously impassable waterfalls. – Up to now, it’s been impossible to fish, to go up the river. This waterfall here has been the end point for the salmon. Up til hopefully, next
spring, when we will have water in this ladder
and the fish can travel four-and-a-half kilometres up-river, but it’s expensive, it’s
difficult technically. With this ladder, we are trying to use, the ground, as much as possible, and use this lift to concrete as possible, if any. – [Narrator] Working in partnership with the Strengur Angling
Club, who have managed stocks in the area for
decades, six rivers have now been targeted for
ladders and investment. – There’s all sorts of
things that you can do which improve conservation and, you know, this is one
of the special places in the world for salmon, so that’s what we’re tryin’ to do. – [Narrator] Jim’s
conservation ambitions aren’t limited to colder climates, six thousand miles south in Tanzania, a unique partnership has formed, a joint venture between
the Ineos chairman, and eco-tourism company, Asilia. – Asilia is a sustainable
tourism safari company, we operate 18 camps in Kenya and Tanzania, and Zanzibar. – Asilia stands out from
our competitors because we have a very particular focus. We seek to make wilderness areas thrive. This is quite a unique
thing, most people do not do that, because they
see it as a long haul, they see it as risky, and as a result, don’t touch it. So Jim Ratcliffe has a
strong interest in Africa, and he became interested, I believe, in the south of Tanzania as an area, at the same time, the
national park authorities in Tanzania were saying, “We would like some help,
strengthen our presence “and give this area a
more sustainable future.” – Jim is really excited about the idea of developing these areas,
making them better known, bringing more tourism,
and help create a more sustainable future for
these national parks and the people around them. – So it’s a long game,
none of us are in it for the short-term, so
it’s great to have that partnership, because I
think we have needed it and we will continue to need it.

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