I went to the EMERGENCY ROOM in MEXICO!!

It was the middle of the night. We were
staying in the Pueblo Mágico Tapalpa and I felt something on my neck, like a
stinging. And I almost didn’t wake Maddie up but figured I better in case it’s
something serious. From my perspective, I was sound asleep, I was none the wiser to
anything that was about to go down. Jordan wakes me up and he goes “Hey, do
you see anything on the back of my neck?” “Is there a bite or something?” so I go and
grab my phone and turn the flashlight on my phone. I shined the light on the back
of Jordan’s neck and in his shadow, on the wall,
I saw something. It was a scorpion! A scorpion was just sitting on the wall
behind Jordan. I didn’t even know what to do but I just blurted out “Jordan, don’t
freak out, don’t freak out, there’s something on the wall!” At that point I
knew he’d been stung by a scorpion. The scorpion stung me on the back of my neck.
I initially thought it was a couple inches away from my spinal cord but now
I realize that it was literally right next to it. Our first mission – our first
order of business was to kill that guy. And find the closest available shoe. And attack! This thing would not die! We had to hit
it so many times! So you hit it off the wall with a boot, my boot, thanks! [Laughter] And it fell behind the bed. At that point, I’m like “Well, we don’t know it’s dead, I’m
not going back to sleep. 5:30 a.m. or not I can’t sleep if there’s a scorpion
potentially in this room.” It was in fact still alive. After hitting it probably
what, like six times with a shoe? So then I got the next available thing that I
thought might kill it, hair spray. [Laughter] Totally not effective, by the way! And then I’m
like “Okay, well orange essential oil is good for repelling bugs so we drown the
mother-$#@ in orange essential oil. Still didn’t die! This thing was relentless! So it was
about 5:30 a.m. when I got stung, we killed the scorpion, we treated the wound
a little bit. With frankincense essential oil. And we had a video ready to go and we’re
like “Well, let’s post a video since we’re all up and awake now.” We left a pinned comment
talking about the scorpion and also posted something on our Facebook, and we
weren’t going to get medical attention because I thought a scorpion sting was
nothing to worry about. That’s what I had heard my whole life too. Living in Arizona there’s lots of scorpions, getting stung
is relatively common. But from what people said, the closer it is to your
head, the more of a problem it is. And we were getting a flood of comments saying: Go to the emergency room! Get medical attention! Go see a doctor right now! So I called up a family member who’s
a longtime nurse. She said that I need to go to the emergency room right away. Big
shout out to our patrons, thank you guys so much for believing in us enough to
drop a little something in the tip jar! If you’re looking for some extra perks,
we do offer those on Patreon. We’ll put a link to that down in the description. So, in a flurry, we packed up everything into the car. Laska is freaking out. We’re
trying to make sure we didn’t leave anything. We’re trying to look for the
closest emergency room or hospital. We thought we had to go back to the Chapala
Red Cross. Yeah because we couldn’t really find anything, nothing was coming
up within two hours on the map. So that was a little bit terrifying! So bright and early sín cafe, sín desayuno, We were on our way to Chapala, which is
about two, two-and-a-half hours away. We’re heading out of town and Jordan
sees a bunch of ambulances in front of this small building, which didn’t even
have a name on it. So we’re like, “You know what, it’s better if we stop here. Maybe
they can direct us to the nearest hospital.” It actually said it’s something
like “medical municipal” or “municipal.” So this is where things got a little tricky
for us, although we’re learning Spanish and we can have most daily conversations,
I don’t know any of these words. I don’t know anti-venom I don’t know needle or
what are some other words? Sting. Oh yeah. Help. Just kidding, we know that one. Right, so basically all of
this interaction was with Google Translate. Thank you to Google Translate! [Laughter] At first, the doctor didn’t
think we spoke any Spanish because we just didn’t know any of these words. And
we were pretty shaken up and nervous. Yeah for sure. And Laska’s waiting in the car. Fortunately, they brought me right in there and they
had the anti-venom in this small building. And we’re in a small town, and I
was shocked that there were three ambulances outside this municipal
medical building or whatever this was, And yay! Thank you! Right? Thank you for being well-stocked. We heard a story from a friend in the Chapala area that she went to a few hospitals and
none of them had the anti-venom, after she got bit and was having terrible
reactions to a scorpion sting. So we’re in Morelia right now if you see this
gorgeous cathedral and centro area behind me. Back in Tapalpa, they grabbed
these vials of antivenom. They called the doctor who I think must have been on
property, because he got there really fast! And they take me into this other
room they prepare it with serum or fluids, and then they put a little bit of
painkiller in there, these two vials of what I assume was some type of
anti-venom. They asked me if I was allergic to anything – all with Google
Translate. Him doing Google Translate back to me
even though he did speak a little bit of English. And yeah, they had me set up with
a needle in my veins a few minutes later. So I have the antidote in my arm right
now. As I’m sitting here I’m feeling more symptoms: my fingers are tingly,
I’m getting very lightheaded, my pretty much my whole face is going numb. The first 15 minutes we were there, they were getting worse and worse. So I’m glad we
went to – found this place on the way out of town and went there because who knows
what would have happened two hours later? Right. And like when stuff is getting
that close to your throat. We were in there for about 30
to an hour with the physician watching over Jordan the entire time. They’re
basically just letting the IV drain into the veins. Well, after about 15 or 20
minutes, the symptoms started to subside, and the numbness started going away in
my lips and my tongue. So at that point we asked “How much is it gonna be?”
expecting maybe 800 pesos, a thousand pesos, something like that for this doctor visit. Yeah, something like this, for you to go into a hospital in the US, you to get
anti-venom, have a doctor watch over you for an hour – that’s going to be a minimum
of five hundred US dollars, probably closer to a thousand or twenty thousand
pesos. We asked the price. 80 pesos. 80. 80 pesos. “Ochenta pesos, nada más” he said. Four dollars. [Laughter] Wow! Gong! [Laughter] Gong. Just remember, you only have to gong it once. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and GONG THAT BELL! [Laughter] So you see our next video when we put it out. You may have seen in our Cozumel video that I mentioned that I’ve been wearing my friend’s sunglasses from SOL sunglasses the
whole time we’ve been in Mexico. Gresso just reached out to us and sent
us this pair of sunglasses. They’re made out of titanium, they’re super flexible,
you can hardly feel them on your face. So if you’re looking for a higher-end pair
of sunglasses, this might be something you want to check out. We weren’t super
familiar with it but we had heard that in Mexico there is various levels of
hospitals – from very cheap public hospitals to fairly expensive high-end
private hospitals, and given that this said something like “municipal”
on the side of the building, I’m guessing this was a public hospital but I think
it was a unique experience for one of those because I was the only patient in
there. There was no one else at all. No wait whatsoever, and it was very very
cheap. But comment below, let us know if you know if municipal that it is indeed
public. So all in all, I thought this hospital seemed pretty nice, very clean. There were some things in there that looked a little,
dated? Dated, yeah. Like maybe from the 90s or something. But no part of that left me
with less confidence about their medical expertise or anything. I felt like they
knew exactly what they were doing, got right down to it, no hesitation and it
ended well. Yeah, the anti-venom worked well and I mean within a half-hour my symptoms
were almost completely gone. And a couple hours later they were totally gone except
up for numbness on the back of my neck that lasted, persisted, yeah for at least a week. Considering the size of the small town and that this hospital type building was
no bigger than a doctor’s office, I was surprised that they had the anti-venom
there but very relieved! And they said it’s a common occurrence there which is
probably why they always have it on hand. Over the course of our channel we’ve
gotten tons and tons of questions about medical and cost of medical in Mexico.
This is our very first experience with this, so we hope we covered all the basis
that we could. But if you still have any questions, let us know in the comments,
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