HOW TO VISIT CHINA WITHOUT A VISA – 144 Hour & 72 Hour Visa Explained

Ever wanted to visit China without a visa? Let’s talk! So I have found that China is an amazing place
to live. But it is also an amazing place to travel
to. Now some people have been put off by the visa
process in the past but now with recent policy changes, you can now visit China without a
visa, which is fantastic for the touring traveler. So like I said, some people avoid visiting
China because of the hassle of getting a visa. With many other countries in Asia you can
get a visa as you land in the airport or you can apply for a visa online before you arrive. With the Chinese visa often you will have
to apply for it in your home county, send off your passport, and even in some situations
go to the Visa Centre for an interview. However, things have changed. So those of you who want to visit China for
a short stay are in luck. China has introduced a 72 & 144 hour visa
free entry policy, which means you can visit China as your stopover on your next trip – visa
free! Now there are some transit rules when you
come and use the new policy, but here are some ideas I would suggest you do whilst you
visit China. So one thing that is really exciting is that
with the 144 visa free policy, you can now come and visit Tianjin. So Tianjin is where I live, I absolutely love
it here. You can go to see the Great Wall and it is
a really quiet area of the Great Wall, that not lots of tourists go to, but also Tianjin
has it’s own attractions and places to visit as well. On that same 144 hour policy, you can also
fly into Shanghai and visit around Hangzhou and Nanjing on the same visa and fly out of
a different place if you want to. So it means you can explore more of central
China as well. So what are the rules if you want to come
into China without a visa? Number 1. You must have a valid passport. Number 2. You must have a onward ticket and that can’t
be going back to your home country. So for example, you can’t fly from the UK
to Beijing and then be flying back to the UK. It has to be moving onwards, so you could
fly from the UK to China, to South Korea, because it is an onward flight. However, you also need to make sure that you
have a visa for your next destination as well. And last but not least. Number 3. You must fully complete the arrival and departure
card that you will received at immigration when you come into China. So there you have it, that is how you can
visit this amazing country without a visa. I would highly recommend anyone that is traveling
to Asia, to try and make a stopover in China. It is truly incredible, please do, because
honestly it is amazing, I am a little bit bias but it is amazing! Anyway, thats it from me for today. If you like this video please give us a thumbs
up and hit subscribe. Until next time, bye!

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