How to Mount a TV in 3 Easy Steps

So everyone’s got the big, hot, new massive
TV right, and installing it can be a little bit scary, but that’s what we’re here for. We’re going to show you an easy way to get
that cool new TV up on the wall. And don’t put it on the stand, put it up on
the wall. Three steps — we’ve got a mounting bracket
that’s going to go on the back of the TV. We’ve got a bracket that’s going to go up
on the wall. And then we’re going to secure the TV to that
bracket. This is the Full-Motion mount, this means
you can pull it away from the wall, tilt it, point it where you’re sitting and make it
easy on you. Three easy steps, check it out. Okay, so bracket. Line it up with the holes on the back of your
television. You’ll know when you’re right because everything
lines up. The other nice thing about this bracket, we’re
not blocking anything. We’ve got power here all of your data over
there. This isn’t covering up anything it shouldn’t
be covering up. You’ve got one of these — screwdriver, Phillips-head. Just hand tighten that. Okay, so there’s step one, bracket on the
back of the TV. Step two is going to require a little bit
more heavy lifting so I’m going to bring Natalie in to help me get the bracket up on the wall. You rang? I did. Okay, what are we going to do? Step two and three. Ah step one is done. On the back of the TV, secured and read to
rock and roll. Now in the box, we have a template, which
we need to hang our bracket with, but first, stud finder. Yes. Let’s do it. Oh, it’s working. How did I know that that was going to happen? Did you hear it beep though? I did, I did, it did beep. Okay, so we locate our studs, so studs are
located usually every 16 inches on center sometimes 24. Stud, there’s the edge, so we’ll be right
about there center. Perfect. Little marks. Okay. Okay. Template — now we want to be level. Now we want to be level. And we want to hit those studs. If we hit studs this sucker’s not coming off
the wall. And we can tape this thing right to the wall. This is great, so you don’t even have to guess
at this point. Once it’s up, you can leave it there until,
well, we put the bracket up. And then its got to go. How’s that? That piece of tape? It’s really precise. Yeah, it’s really nice. Okay, cool. Look at how tiny — she’s so efficient. There’s a whole roll. Waste not want not. I feel you. So there’s two marks, we can leave this up
and we’re drilling. C’mon in. That’s why I brought you along — all the
heavy lifting, the labor. Okay, so I’m right on. Right in your crosshairs. Go! We can’t screw this up if we use a template
because that’s I think people’s biggest fear is drilling holes in the wall A., and drilling
the wrong holes in the wall, which we’ve avoided. It happens, right. Uh huh. It does happen. Not with the template. So if we bring this guy in now up into play,
these covers do their job. They cover those holes. What we want to do, let’s just do the top
ones first here, so we’ll line up with our spots, line this guy up and. It’s in. In! This guy, up just a slight hair. I’ll get that one, c’mon in. Really lean in to this one. Okay. I got your shoulders. Okay, ready here we go. Go. Keep going, keep going, boom. Easy! Right. Yes. And then this one. We slide these down. Listen for the click, and there it is. That’s pretty easy! That’s not going anywhere. Now, that’s step two. We’re two-thirds of the way home. In the bottom of this box — now this is what
makes this bracket cool, the big articulating arm, so this is where a lot of people’s hesitation
comes in, right. You’re hanging a television on the wall and
you want to know when you can step away. When do I let it go. And feel like it’s not going to fall and land
on the floor…or another human or anything like that right. So we hang this on the bracket that we’ve
hung on the wall. How do we know thats hung? We’re over the top rail, and. Easy. You can’t do anything better than that. And then, down here, unlock, that’s the reason
it clicked in, slide that over to lock and its not coming off at all. So we are anchored in. Now the last part is hanging the television. Should we put the TV up? Yeah. Let’s put the TV up. And this is a 60 inch TV, which is big, right. It sounds big, but grab the other end of that,
people need to understand 60 inch television is not that heavy anymore. No, it isn’t. So we’re going to flip this guy up. Here we go. Up a little bit. Yeah. We’re in? We’re on the top bracket, and then I’m going
to pull this and we’re going to click, and step away. Step away from the TV. Come over here because this is the cool part
of this. Now imagine you’re in that chair, or you’re
sitting in the sofa over there. The cool thing about the arm and the tilt. You can move it every which way. You can move it whatever way you like, and
the idea of the TV is the viewing angle right, you don’t want to catch glare off windows,
you don’t want to catch glare off lights, you can tilt this down. Don’t want to crane your neck. Exactly. That’s the beauty of this mount. That’s what an installed television looks
like. Forget the stand. Hang it up. Hey, looking for more tips and tricks on TV
mounts? Go to for more videos and information.

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