How to Avoid a Visa Refusal

How to avoid a visa refusal; my name is Michael
Niren, immigration lawyer and founder of Very often we’re
asked, “How is it that we can avoid getting our visa refused?” Well,
there are no guarantees, first of all, with any application for a visa, but
there are ways to reduce your chances of getting a refusal, for sure. One
of them is to have a properly prepared application. It sounds obvious, but
to many people it’s not, and applications are sent in that are incomplete.
Forms have to be filled out properly. The information has to be accurate.
The fees have to be included, the government fees, and all the supporting
documents. What we do, is we also add submissions. Those
are written statements about the client, about the circumstances of the
case, and why the individual deserves to be approved for the visa, so that
also helps. The other thing you should know is where to file the application,
how long it will likely take, and what to do when the application
is delayed, because sometimes that does happen. Often, also, the government
may ask you additional questions after the application is filed,
and you have to know how to deal with that. Finally, in some cases, you’ll
have an interview. It’s a one-on- one, personal interview with an immigration
officer or visa officer. You have to be able to know how to conduct yourself
in an interview, what to say, what not to say. It’s also extremely important never to misrepresent,
at all, your circumstances, because that could cause you
not just a refusal, but a bar from entering the country, and it can be considered
a criminal offense. So, you have to be very, very careful in dealing
with the authorities. So, those are just some high level tips on how
to avoid a refusal. Do your homework, in advance, before you file. Thanks,
and have a great day.

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