How Soon Can I Reapply After Denial? (K1 Fiance/CR1 Spousal Visa)

How Soon Can I Reapply After Denial? (K1 Fiance/CR1 Spousal Visa)


  • Ahmed ALhakeem

    September 25, 2018

    How long does it take to get fiance visa?

  • Emad2020 Emad

    September 27, 2018

    My wife passed away before finish my cr1 and now will marry again so is it will be issues or no to file for cr1

  • Adel's Channel

    November 28, 2018

    What if the k1 visa approved but the nvc sent expired the noa2…then the embassy sent back to the uscis..?? What we have to do?

  • Kicks rUs

    April 21, 2019

    hello I want to use your agency using fiance visa, unfortunately I dont have a job right now but I have sponsors to support us for this petition. my fiance is from philippines. thanks!

  • Khan ali Anees

    July 28, 2019

    My k1 visa was denied under section 214b, my petition is valid till 24/08. What should i do?

  • Nadia Alsaud

    October 12, 2019

    My fiancée applied for student visa in 2017 he got refused and now in 2019 I’m doing are fiancée visa is that going to make any problems?

  • Marie Grace Rosal

    October 24, 2019

    Hi we are in RFE status right now my partner for 11 years went back to the states last June 10 2017, after staying and studying here via GI bill he is here for almost 7 years before he went back but prior to him staying here, we have established realationship for two years. Now he is in the US and decided to file K1 thinking that we qualify for we have more than two years of relationship and lived together for 7 years. But unfortunately the USCIS sent a letter for RFE. asking us to provide evidence that we met within July 2017 to the present prior to filing the k1 visa. There is an option to file for extreme hardship if no evidence can ve provided, but i know there is a zero chance for it to be granted for financial difficulty will not be considered. Please help us. We really dont know what to do right now. Your response will be gladly appreciated. Thank u


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