How is RapidVisa Different or Better Than Competitors?

Okay we’ve got a question from Jay
Gomez I’m thinking about RapidVisa, how are you different or better than your
competitors? Well thank you for asking Jay Gomez you know there’s actually quite a
few things we’ve automated and streamlined the entire process, we fill
all the forms out for you, we check everything to make sure it’s complete
and accurate we do the assembly for you, we do the mailing we stand by your side
and support you through the entire process all the way until the visas
issued or the green card is issued. We offer a money-back guarantee we’re one
of the few companies that actually answers our telephones with live people,
so when you call us you’re actually going to speak with a live
representative we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and I can
just go on and on I mean our experience alone with processing over 30,000
petitions successfully a success rate of over ninety nine point seven percent. We
have hundreds if not thousands of testimonials so you can read online and
you know see for yourself how work that we are and just check us out I highly
recommend it. And you guys get break the easy question.

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