How American Tourists Act

How American Tourists Act

Ever wondered how American tourists act?
Here are five steps on how you can be one. Step number one. Always be prepared. Over prepared. At least two swimsuits… how long are we going again? Two whole days.
Two day? And don’t forget to pack your shampoo who knows what sorts of stuff
we’ll get in America oh of course I need all this stuff
step two is to always remember that everything you see is exotic and
exciting oh look we found it it’s so cool this is so DC oh my god the bench
it’s an American that anything you should also get the recycling bin
it’s like recycling oh my god that’s a real recycling bet
it’s actually recycling can you believe it I’ve never seen a recycling bin like
that oh wow look at the blue it’s show like DC not just America he’s like step3 take pictures everywhere with
everything step four is excitedly experienced the
local culture oh there it is it’s real ethnic American
food and step 5 be sure to enjoy local food we have this
genuine American sauce Chris on this is so cool okay are you sure it’s not like this this is
this is American food Hey genuine ethnic American oh my god come on pretty buddy
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  • Aditya Bohidar

    October 5, 2019

    What's up with this DC thing?haha Nice video anyway. Girls are looking so pretty!!


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