How a Bridging Visa works for a Partner Visa

How a Bridging Visa works for a Partner Visa

Hi it’s Sophia again from Freedom
Migration and I’m here to talk about the common question, probably the most common
question we get asked which is about Bridging Visas. So I hope this will be
helpful, now just by way of an explanation of what a Bridging Visa is
simplistically speaking, if you are inside Australia, so if you’re outside
please tune off now. If you’re inside Australia and you’re on a visa,
whatever visa that is, let’s say it’s a Visitor Visa or even a Student Visa and
you are applying for another visa so a Partner Visa for example, if your visa
expires that you’re on and you’ve applied for a visa before that time,
before it’s expired Then what immigration does is they go, well
this visa that you’ve applied for might be granted or might be decided at some
stage in the future but until that time there needs to be a bridge to keep you
lawful in the country so that’s where the concept of a Bridging Visa comes in
and that’s what we’re talking about today that bridge between one visa to
another. So if for example, again your Visitor Visa or Student Visa or whatever
butts up to whatever other visa you’re probably not likely gonna get a Bridging
Visa that’s applicable. It’s when there’s this gap that needs to be filled by a
Bridging Visa. So that’s a Bridging Visa very simplistically speaking. Now the
question of, can I apply for one? well in terms of the Partner Visa process what
normally happens if you’ve come to Australia let’s say on a Visitor Visa is
you’ve applied for that Visitor Visa and you’ve made the application for a
Partner Visa. You’ve done it before the Visitor Visa ends and now you are
waiting for a decision on your Partner Visa now that gap that when you apply
for the Partner Visa a Bridging Visa generally will be automatically granted
to keep you lawful in the country. Now in some cases you might need to apply for a
Bridging Visa so if you want to travel outside of the country and
your on a Bridging Visa A for example that doesn’t allow you to come and
travel back into the country so you might need to apply for a Bridging Visa
B, other cases where you might need to apply if you’re unlawful in the country,
for example and you’re rectifying your status with Immigration or Immigration
rectifying your status in in terms of your making steps to leave the country
that’s when you might apply for another type of Bridging Visa commonly known as
the Bridging Visa E so there are different types of Bridging Visas and
it’s quite complicated so it’s probably best to speak with a Migration Agent to
know exactly in your case whether you need to apply for a Bridging Visa,
whether it’s automatic or whether there’s something else that’s relevant
to your case and that’s why a Bridging Visa might be necessary.


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  • Freeha Muzzamil

    July 7, 2018

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