H-1B Visa for Canadians

Hi my name is Michael Niren. I am an immigration
lawyer and founder of VisaPlace.com. Today, I am gonna talk to you
about H1B visas. H1B visas are US work permits. It’s a very popular way of
getting the right to work in United States. You have to, of course, have a job offer from
an American Company and you have to qualify for the visa. Generally speaking,
you have to work in a special few occupation and what that term
means, is most H1B applicants have university degrees. It’s a specialized
field that you are working in and that the company requires your services.
Of course, in some cases, you don’t need a university degree but it’s harder
to qualify for an H1B without one, and not to say that you can’t. The other thing you have to know is that there
is an annual cap every year on H1B visas and how it works is that applications
for H1B visas open up April 1st of any given year and there is a
mad rush on April 1st to submit H1B visas in order to get your application
in on time because often very soon, within a year, the government will not
process any more H1B visas because the cap has been filled. The other thing you should know is that, when
you apply for an H1B visa, be prepared to work in October of that year.
Generally speaking, even if you are approved in advance. After April, you
won’t have the right to work until October. Now the employer has to go
through a lot of paperwork to sponsor you for an H1B. The petition paperwork
involves proving that they are gonna be paying you a prevailing wage,
documentation indicating the nature of the job. There is a lot of bureaucratic
maneuvering you have to go through to get qualified. So, H1B is a challenging visa but we do a
of them. Our US visa team is the department that handles H1B visas for our
firm. If you have any questions about H1B visas or US work permits. Feel free
to contact us or go to our website at www.VisaPlace.com. Thank you and
have a great day.

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