Guild Wars 2: Traveler’s Tales: Power of the Charr | GW2 Lore

Guild Wars 2: Traveler’s Tales: Power of the Charr | GW2 Lore

Humans and Charr. Two races that have always had conflict and
troubles between each other. With the efforts of Queen Jennah’s ceasefire,
this ever-brewing pot of war and emotion came to an end. But some still wish to fight the War of Ascalon
Independence, such as groups of humans known as Separatists. In the Iron Marches, a once resource-rich
region, now stands as a fighting ground between not only the Flame Legion and other Charr,
but also for the Separatists. In my travels through Ascalon, I’ve seen
much bloodshed, and in Warhound Village, was no different. A town used for iron processing and a training
ground for warhounds to aid in the war against the Separatists falls victim to several raids. It can only be explained as a source of greed,
revenge, and power that fuels these conflicts between the various racial groups. And as much as I love the humans and their
traditional culture, these Separatists had to be stopped. At dawn, I was awoken by the shouts of several
Charr informing the village of the inevitable raid. With few numbers, I was fortunate enough to be in company of two
veteran war heroes. Unfortunately, the injured and deaths of villagers
slowly rose as more and more Separatists came. I tried my best to hold them off, and with
the ferocious strength of the two veteran Charr, we were able to fight them off, and
leave them running back to their camp. That day, I learned a great deal about the
Charr, or at least the two elderly ones that fought alongside me. Their drive and perseverance to settle the
score with the Separatists and make it their duty to protect their race was… uplifting
and moving, but for sure a way to get killed alone as well. So being the curious Asuran I am, and of course
to ensure their safety, I traveled a great deal with the two from that point on. I had two new allies that I could count on. We traversed the Ascalon lands, raided Separatists
camps, and brought down anyone who stood in our path. But, well… that’s a tale for another time.


  • Adrian B.G.

    October 6, 2016

    For non-GW2 players here's a proof of how great and rich the guild wars World and Lore is. The event from the footage it's just a minor event, that usually you will ignore in the game, while running for XP and farming, but if you get into the lore your will discover a great living world.

  • Casual Hardcöre

    October 6, 2016

    Hey GS, I wanted to say I love the channel and to keep up the great work. Also If you'd like and have the room to do so I would like to extend an invite for you join my guild. We're the former (GW1) GvG champs, current (GW2) #1 raid champs There are some some other Guild Wars content creators/ community figures in the guild and we're an invite only SBI based group.

  • Aholy Lulz

    October 7, 2016

    Very nice video. If you don't mind some criticism work on your script a bit more, or at-least ask a friend to edit. Do not get me wrong friend it was enjoyable to watch, reminds me of early days of Eexa. (and if you do not know about her i would highly recommend checking her out) I enjoy things like this and again you did a good job. just need some work on your script.

  • Traxe

    October 8, 2016

    I subbed can u sub back plz?

  • SweetPinx

    October 11, 2016

    you have a voice of an asura <3
    i mean it as a compliment


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