Grutas de Tolantongo Hidalgo, qué hacer y cómo llegar

The grottoes of Tolantongo are an ecotouristic park very famous for its thermal water pools in this video, we will tell you everything you need to know to have the best experience at Tolantongo. Join us as we get to know the place! Viajefest recommends it! In the heart of Hidalgo’s mountain range flows a river of turquoise thermal waters that has been known as Tolantongo for hundreds of years, or “the place where you feel warmth” People come here to enjoy the thermal water … …. of the waterfalls and to spend the night camping along the river. The Park also has 3 hotels … … to relax, everyone’s favorite is the Hotel Paraíso Escondido (Hidden Paradise) … … for its pools of water that everyone loves, but before going on, we want to tell you …. how to get to Tolantongo. Our adventure stars early in the morning; Departing from Mexico City, you must drive … to Pachuca and then take the road to Actopan, that takes you to Ixmiquilpan and from there … … Tolantongo is close. We recommend you drive by day because the last … … section of the road has really closed curves, plus the last bit of it is all unpaved road. On arrival you have to pay for access tickets … and parking. We have tickets to invite everyone. Lost one already We got there in the afternoon, and we found a room in the Hotel Paraíso Escondido. There is no TV or wi-fi here, but this way it’s easier to concentrate … … on enjoying the place to the max. At night, the visitors light bonfires … to warm up and enjoy the spectacular night. We suggest waking up early … … to see the dawn and be one of the first … … to cross the suspended bridge that leads to … the pools of thermal water, whose temperature is ideal in the morning. If you visit Tolantongo, bring water shoes with you, they’ll be great for not slipping … … and avoiding accidents Since we got there early, we had the opportunity to choose the pool we wanted … we loved this one for having the best view of all. The peace that the dawn pours over Tolantongo … … and the warmth of its waters, makes you automatically relax when you plunge … … into these magic pools. It’s hard to explain with words the sensation … … of tranquility that this landscape conveys … … and the effect it has on your body, you just have to experience it. The pool’s water is warm … … so when you get out, it’s super cold! But we’re brave.
Whatever, we’re young. Now we are going to enter the tunnel … it’s super slippery in there, so you should go in with water shoes. The steam tunnel is approximately 15 meters … … and is fed by spring water … that the pools provide, so if you want to stay in here for a while, you’ll feel as if you’re in a sauna. This is the best place … the water in here is the warmest and most delicious. After enjoying the pools we decided to take advantage of the day … … and go explore the river. To go down to the park’s next section … you need to take the road again, so remember to take your entrance tickets … … to be given access. If you don’t bring a car, there’s also buses that take you … from one hotel to another without a problem. Upstream is the waterfall that supplies warm water … … to all of the Tolantongo system, the water that falls through the rocks is cold … … and it combines with the hot spring water of the grottoes … warming it up to obtain the perfect temperature. In the natural zones of the park … … it is prohibited to enter with food and beverages, so save youself the pain of being sent back. We also suggest the usage of water shoes in here, because sandals and crocs will end up in the river. Also, you should take a waterproof flashlight … … if you want to explore the interior of the grotto … … source of the hot water that distinguishes Tolantongo. Guys, it’s super complicated to get in … … because the current is super strong … but once you’re halfway there you can get up and walk without any trouble. To be honest, we were a little afraid because we felt like it was pulling us, didn’t we? Yes… But it’s really nice because the water is warm … and the further we go in, the warmer it feels. There really is nothing to be scared of, since there is park staff that makes it easy … … for the visitor to see the springs. In the upper part of the grotto there is another tunnel … … where you can feel the temperature rise the more you go in. Here you have to see how far you can stand it and then go back. After the adventure with the grottoes and waterfalls, we recommend you go down to the river and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Let yourself be pampered by the warm spring water … … that because of its mineral properties … … will leave your hair like grass. On the way back to the hotel, we noticed that … … the activity at the pools ends at six in the evening, this is for the security of the visitors, so make sure to follow the staff’s indications … … for your well being and respect the designated hours. In the evening, it starts to get a bit cold, so if you’re going to stay the night here … be sure to bring some cozy clothes. Well, next to the camping area … is the El Paraiso, where we will be eating. We ordered some mixed sopes, but there’s also quesadillas and all types of garnachas. These are the sopecitos, they’re really well served. The Grottoes of Tolantongo have everything to spend … … a couple of spectacular days, there is no doubt why it is the … number one touristic destination in Hidalgo. For these two nights in Tolantongo we spent … … $2,650 pesos ($126 USD) for the two of us and it includes … the passes, parking, food and lodging. Remember to bring cash because they don’t take credit cards. If you’re camping in Tolantongo, the price is much lower, remember to bring your own tent … … and food to prepare. Visiting Tolantongo on weekdays is the best option. Because there isn’t a lot of people, and you’ll enjoy the river, grottoes and the pools … much more. Also remember that on Wednesdays … … the pools get maintenance. So the best days to visit Tolantongo … … are monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. You can get the water shoes … … in any supermarket, or you could also buy them … … on the way to Tolantongo. … or in the park. As a tip we’ll let you know that the hotels … don’t have a reservation system, so if you’re planning on going for the weekend, you should get there on friday … … before midday so you can get a room. If you get there later or on saturday, it’s most likely … … that there won’t be any vacancy. But, don’t get discouraged anyway … … you can stay n Tolantongo … if you’re willing to rent a tent … … that they have for you there. A lot of people go to Tolantongo on the weekends, actually, there’s rows of buses that bring thousands of people … … to enjoy the saturday or sunday So we’re not telling you this … for you to get discouraged, but so you have a real expectation … as to what the difference is between travelling on a weekend, and visiting Tolantongo on weekdays. If you want more information about the Grottoes of Tolantongo, visit our blog … … where we share more useful information to help you plan your trip. On the next video we will take you to see … … Edward James’ Surrealist Garden … … that is located in the magical town of Xilitla in San Luis Potosi. So you know already, subscribe to the channel … … so you don’t miss it If you have any questions about Tolantongo … let us know in a comment or on our Facebook, and we’ll gladly get back to you. And guys, thank you so much for staying with us, see you on the road! One, two, three… you splashed yourself!

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