Giant Tortoises Face Off in the Galapagos Islands | Wildlife Travel

Giant Tortoises Face Off in the Galapagos Islands | Wildlife Travel

So we’re walking down this path…and we encounter what can only be described
as a tortoise traffic jam. Where there’s 2 tortoises coming from one direction,
and one coming from the other And the width of this past isn’t very large, so really only one tortoise can fit at a time. And we are wondering “How are they gonna settle
this, who’s gonna get the right of way on this path?” And, the first tortoise, much
smaller, he you know, he lost pretty quickly to the much
larger tortoise. But the second tortoise turned out to be about the same size, and they
engage in in this sort of staring contest, where
they’re trying to raise their hand above the other one. But since they’re the same height, they’re always at
the same level. They start lowering their necks, always at the same
level Always, you know, maintaining the same
height And we are are wondering who’s going to win this?
but it became very intense, we didn’t know what
was going to happen next. And then one of them raises his head, so much
higher than the other one, just very quickly And because he did that, he wins. He wins
because he got his head up higher. and the other one has to yield and give him
the right of way. It was just an incredible thing to see in
the wild and and what this video actually doesn’t show is the one that
lost was a bit of a sore loser. He actually knocked the other tortoise as he walked
by, it was just really incredible to see that. Moments
like this are probably once in a lifetime. for me. And seeing these tortoises in their natural habitat, and
watching their behavior as they share this path reminds me why being a responsible
tourist in the Galapagos is so important. We as ecotourists need to visit and
experience these kinds of amazing places in a way that respects the fragile environment, reducing the impact of our journey and the place the species call
their home.

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  • sarina76667

    March 16, 2019

    They really do have the best fights ever. My therapist and I were talking about this today. I showed her a different video. She was astonished, though, at how intelligent the display is. It’s not a battle of force but of intimidation and the amount of intelligence it takes to psych each other out to determine dominance. They could head butt, ram each other, or bite, but what does that prove. By stretching their neck and lifting their shell up, they prove they’re better able to climb on a female to mate and have the stamina to keep it up. They don’t need violence to prove their dominance. My therapist was very impressed. I think I gave her ideas.


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